Wednesday, July 13, 2011

just a little love

All of a sudden 5.5 years have past. I don't know where they've gone, but it's been a giant rollercoaster. Ups and downs.. learning experiences, teaching experiences galore. Of course, I'm talking about my son and the fact that he's now growing up so much. Major events lately have been his graduation from Kindergarten. His ability to sit and read me a whole book cover to cover with very little help. His first trip to the dentist where he passed with flying colors and is now a proud member of the "No Cavity Club".

Now he's gone to the cabin in Sask with his dad. I'm having a wonderful time here too, but I miss him. Sadly, he's not missing me, I'm sure. He's boating, swimming, golfing, staying up late to watch fireworks, running around with water guns and whatnots, eating whatever he wants, whenever he wants.. it's like a 9 day party.

I can't have any more children. And you know what? I'm okay with that, because my boy really is my miracle. He's so smart and beautiful. Shout out to you, Nate. You Rock.

Jules :O)


Shell said...

they grow way to fast!

SIMON said...

Lovely post, dedicated to a smashing kid yes, but oh he does miss you because he's smart!!

Jules said...

Shell - Yes they do. I'm really stuck though.. parts of me want him to be much older and others want him to still be a baby. It's strange being a parent.

Si - I don't think he misses me at all. He's gone away having too much fun trying to fit in and be a big kid out at the lake. I'm struggling a bit though. Having some N8-Sickness.

Cocktail Party said...

Nice momma missing her boy or boys, i am sure they too miss u, but they once back home they will have to follow home rules so making the most of it :)

Jules said...

Welcome back Seepee! Ya, I'm sure there was plenty of "missing" going on. Reality sort of sucks, for both the parent and the child in this case. But it will be most excellent to see my boy(s).