Sunday, July 10, 2011

Layers of beauty...

I know you expected to see a photo of me dressed in layers, going by the title, I don't blame you. And that would have been almost as lovely of a post, but I'll share this with you instead.

It's one of my beautiful stunning iris's in my front garden this year. This amazing plant has never bloomed until this year and I've been blessed with several blossoms from it. There's another in my garden closer to my house that's a deep burgundy color and it's blossom is larger than my hand spread all out. How glorious! Don't you just want to follow the little path into the middle and lay in it's soft little bed of pollen? Layers and layer of fabulous bliss. No wonder "Monica" referred to her kitty as her "flower". They do bare a resemblance, though I thought that was the corniest thing ever when I heard her say that on Friends.


SIMON said...

You are right .....almost as lovely a post!!

Beautiful flowers and brilliant pics. Too many photographers 'miss' the delicate bits of a flower!
I've heard 'some' things referred to as flowers too and never thought it corny, there is a resemblance with a lot of flowers!!

Tys on Ice said...

to me orchids bear an uncanny resemblance to certain much so that my wife never takes me to those flower shows because i act all weird..

Jules said...

Si - I wonder which flower bears the highest resemblance. A carnation, maybe?

Tys - Orchids, hey? I have some at home. I'll have to study them. Though there are 1000's of varieties of orchids. I think it's funny that flowers turn you on.