Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's go camping.. Day 4

This morning we woke up and packed up the camper and headed off to Farragut State Park in Idaho. What a gorgeous campground. We camped for the day/night in Whitetail Campground. There are 4 separate campgrounds there. You have to call weeks or more in advance to reserve a spot. Thor was lucky to have the best spot in the campground, as far as I'm concerned.

Check out the immaculately clean and groomed campsite we had. We moved right in and made it home. The tarp came in handy as it rained all evening and through the night. Thankfully we were warm and cozy in the camper. Thank you, Thor, for letting me put this photo of yours on. I took some but none were as nice as this one of yours.

After setting up camp, we went for a walk to see how far the hike was to the shoreline where we could launch the kayaks. We'd planned on just walking them down there, as it didn't seem too far. Along the way down there, we met this little old overgrown fireplace. It was double sided, and would have been a really stunning setting for a gathering at one point.

At the water's edge I was greeted with a welcome sign from home. An Alberta Rose. How nice of it to travel down to Idaho just to make me feel welcome. :)

We got the kayaks off the top of the camper and began the hike down to Lake Pend Oreille. We decided to take them both and it nearly killed my shoulders and forearms, but I trudged on. Good thing Thor's in such great shape to pick up my slack. To do the last little 5 minutes of the trail, it was too narrow to do both at the same time. Here's a shot I took while I had a free hand.

The lake was amazing! How the mountains and lake join without much of an interruption at all.. no highway there to make a division of the natural shoreline... very tranquil and serene. There was hardly any traffic on the water. I love kayaking and I especially love doing it with Thor. He's great company and he really enjoys watching me on the water. It makes me feel good on so many levels.

Here's a snapshot Thor took of me mid paddle with the mountains and the dock in the background. Great shot, Baby! Thank you for letting me post that!

I wouldn't be me if I didn't take a photo of rocks and moss, now would I? I wanted so badly to adopt this one.. but it was way too big to even budge. I did come home with a few rocks this trip, but they all fit in the palm of my hand.

Jules :OD


SIMON said...

Yep the rock and moss make it complete and is probably your best pic (so far) too!!

Jules said...

Can't go wrong with a good ol' rock and moss photo! :)