Saturday, July 23, 2011

Liquid Arousal - Rated R, proceed with caution

Not sure what possessed me to write this.. I guess I needed a tiny break from the holiday pics and well, this was the most exciting part of my day today.

The warmth of the liquid surrounded me, wrapping me in a soothing all over blanket of delight. Hardly any bubbles left, the thin silvery layer danced upon the surface, moving with each breath I took, as if the air in my lungs was in direct contact with the little clusters of tiny bubbles. Very few were in small patches. Mostly, the bubbles would seek each other out and become a large group. As I drew a breath, they would float together towards my bosoms, which were also bobbing about in the water. Then contact was made, and I couldn't help but watch as the bubbles caressed the sensitive skin. I'd breathe, they'd glide gently around and around until gradually they would all disappear, having had their fun. They sent me to a place of imagination, where they were the hands and lips of my lover, exploring, savoring each little curve. I moved my hand out of the water and a few drops landed on top. As the droplet built up in size and my breasts heaved with more intensity, it trickled down over the side and back into the water, literally giving me goosebumps even inside a hot bath. I pressed the invisible "replay" button and stayed in trickle down mode for a while.

I didn't ever realize how arousing water could be.

Jules :Odrip)


The Grunt said...

At what point does Fabio bust in and take you to funky town?

SIMON said...

I'm not allowed to read R rated stuff on the internet.....

Jules said...

LMAO Grunty, but Fabio's about the farthest from being on my mind in a situation like that.

Si - LOL, I like your new rule. Good thing my post came with a warning.