Sunday, July 03, 2011

Milestone.. of the unwanted kind.


Really I'm speechless and I've never felt so old in all my life.

I had a bath today and there it was. Bright, disgusting, long and horrifying. I couldn't believe it, really... the fact that it was there shocked me so badly that I thought I'd faint right then and there. Fainting in a bath probably isn't a good idea. So I pulled myself together, gave it a tug and then examined it. It was about the length of my thumb.. so not only did it scare me due to the color and texture, but also the length... I mean, I trim, for pete's sake.

Ya. You guessed it.

My. First. White. Pubic. Hair.

Oh you can bet I'll be watching and yanking any that I see from now on. How it escaped the trimmers before is beyond me. I'd better pay closer attention.

God almighty. I'm old.

Jules :Owaaaa!


SIMON said...

Oh yeah so old!!! LMAO!!

Tys on Ice said...

i refuse to believe this without photographic evidence...of course a lone detached from source one will not count, as it cud be anyones...

iam sorry...i just dont believe u...

The Grunt said...

I'm with Tys on this one;)

Jules said...

Si - 35 now... that is getting up there. LOL ;P

Tys and Grunty - Ohhhhh.. too bad I plucked the thing with considerable prejudice! I didn't take a photo. And really.. you need proof of white pubic hair? I can't think of anything more unattractive on my.. uhh.. ya.