Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vacation to USA Day 1

Well, I've kept you waiting long enough. This will begin my US trip journal for the next few entries. I've been distracted because of several reasons. 1) I miss Thor. 2) My mom's offered to build a garage in my back yard (but it's for the purpose of storing my deceased step-dad's truck) so that's taken up alot of time. 3) Busy visiting friends/family and spending lots of outside time with my son. So, apologies for not starting the photo posts sooner, but here we go.

Day 1
I woke up and left early. Was on the road by 9:30. I was expecting the ride to take 7.5 hours, but due to a few factors, it took longer. The first of which was the tremendous wind. I even had to drive through a "dust devil" which was eating up a farmer's field and then enveloped my car and the truck beside me as it crossed the highway. The wind pretty much stuck with me for 2/3 of the drive.

Another reason it was a long drive was due to the pack of cyclists who were riding along the road to East Glacier. It's a very twisty-turny road and there are lots of pull outs where slow traffic can pull off the road and let more speedy vehicles go by, but for some reason the cyclists decided not to do that. So literally driving 10kms/h for about 40 minutes led me to go a bit loopy in the car. I turned up the music and car danced. I could see the people in front of and behind me laughing at me, but I really didn't care. I snapped this photo. The cars were at least 20 deep in front of me, and there were some behind me too. The third reason was a 45 minute delay at the border. It was so busy.

But then I arrived at the top of Flathead Lake, Montana and suddenly it erased all the 9+ hours that it took to get there. When you see the mountains there in full across the other side of the lake, and you see people such as the ones below enjoying water activities and having fun, and when you step out of the car and smell the fresh mountain air, all there is is the moment you're in right then. I stopped at the community called Lakeside and snapped this photo.

Then I finally arrived at Thor's cabin and the moment I saw him walking up the hill, I knew it was all worth it. That first night we visited with some neighbors, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and enjoyed a family supper before heading out for an evening canoe ride. Here's the pic looking back towards Chief Cliff as the sun set.

After the canoe ride I was feeling quite happy and content. I laid on the bed and smile as we added a layer of warmer clothes, the plan being to go make a fire at the lakefront and watch the moon.

The moon was brilliant the first night. We kept oogling at how it reflected off the water close to the shore. Here's one of the docks with the glistening scene. It was very tranquil and a wonderful way to start winding down the night.

Even the fire was happy. Look at how the sparks formed a lady dancing in the breeze with her hair flying behind her.....

.... as the man watched her and reached for the bottle of wine, waiting for her to be done dancing so he could whisk her away up to bed for the night.

Day 1 was wonderful. I just wanted to stay in many of those moments forever and pause time. Day 2 will come soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Well worth the wait, lovely informative (and emotional!) post with tremendous pics especially 'moon pic'!
Nice one Jules.... you have always done 'this bit' so well, can't wait for the next installment!

Jules said...

Glad it's appreciated.. this little blog of mine. :)