Thursday, July 21, 2011

Vacay Day 2 - Montana to Washington

I got to sleep in this day until 10am! I couldn't believe my little family let me do that, but it was much needed. After breakfast and organizing myself, the 3 of us went for a sail on the Hobie Cat. The wind wasn't too strong, so it was a relaxed smooth sail. We dropped mom off at the dock, warmed up a bit and then Thor and I headed back out. The sky was so blue and the sun felt gorgeous on the skin.. but one of the best parts of the whole morning was seeing Thor's happy eyes and sincere smile.

After lunch we packed things up and by about 3pm we were on our way to Washington. About 40 minutes away from Flathead Lake (I think) is a pretty valley. I think Thor called it Paradise Valley. It was totally worthwhile stopping to take some photos there, though apparently there are rattlesnakes there that can snap at you if you're not watching where you're stepping.

The mountains along the way through Idaho and into Washington were really unique, I thought. They were furry and fuzzy filled with pine, fir, spruce, tamarack and a myriad of other greenery. There weren't many wildflowers in bloom, but it didn't matter, the colors were still a feast for the eyes.

Cascade Campground along the way was a stop that Thor wanted to make, just so I could see this very pretty waterfall. The only drawback was the mosquitoes there, but we still managed to stay long enough to snap a few nice pics and stretch our legs. The drive on I90 is so curvy and twisted that you really need to stop for a break now and then to release a bit of tension.

When nature does things like making a dynamic duo like these two beauties, it's a crying shame not to appreciate them, though I can't recall whether they are cedars or junipers. Imagine them.. such a happy couple, and they get to stand there and stay together in the thick of the forest for eternity. Now that's how it should be!

These flowers grew on great big bushes and I have no idea what they are, but the smell of them I won't soon forget. They were sweet and powerful enough to overtake the evergreen scents when you happened to walk in the vicinity of one. Despite the skeeters, I stopped for the macro shot.

We arrived in Washington around 9:30 and made one pit stop before heading home for supper and cuddles while watching the Tour de France.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Another good day and subsequent good post and pics.
Love your appreciation of the 'dynamic duo' and LOLd at winding up your day watching the Tour de France!!

don said...

The landscape photo is actually the "camas prairie" just north of Perma in Montana not the paradise valley which is to the west of Perma.

There's another camas prairie in Idaho that's beter known for the term down by Grangeville Idaho. Camas prairie is sort of a regional term based on the vegetation and landscape. Hard to explain actually, but you took a very beautiful picture of it.

Jules said...

Si - I even own a bike now! Seems fitting for me to watch the tour, I'd say!

Don - Thank you for correcting me, I'll try to remember it's the camas prairie. Your photos were nicer than mine, I think. I love your appreciation of the area.