Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Window to the soul...

So tonight I wanted to pretty myself up and take some photos. My confidence has been a little bit down lately.. probably just cuz I'm feeling *alone*. I liked what I saw in the camera tonight though. Liked it enough to show you.

Sooo.. are my eyes green?

Or are they brown?

Neither. Hazel.. they sometimes look green and sometimes look brown. I think I prefer them when they're green. I totally love the designs in my irises, whatever the color.

What do you think... what do my eyes say to you?

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

What do your eyes say to me? Couldn't possibly answer that!! Thank you for showing and for the record I like too!!
They do look green more often brown but they really are a unique colour a shade off proper hazel..... so you are a shade off a proper nut!!

The Grunt said...

To me, your eyes say that you're crazy. But I like it.

don said...

I think they are hazel. Pretty color.

Tys on Ice said...

scary...i like it when the eyes comes with a face...but those eyes are an opticians wet dreams

Jules said...

Si - A shade off a proper nut, that's funny.. that's totally me!

Grunty - I haven't been admitted.. YET. ;P

Don - Definitely hazel, I'm happy you think they're pretty! :*

Tys - Well I did post a full face photo. You're not an optician, are you? ;)