Monday, August 22, 2011


From where I live, I took off at 1:10 and arrived at Discovery Canyon in the Riverbend Recreation Area by 1:45. I then said to myself... "self.. do you want to go down that hill and have to climb back up it again?" And my self replied "it looks fun... yes, yes I do!" So down the hill I went. But not having been faced with a hill this size since having Breezy, my Schwinn, I decided to play it a bit safe and gently pump the brakes from time to time. Still, I was going super fast, as it's actually quite a large hill (you can't see the bottom in this photo).

So I arrived here... and then went back up that hill above... and then back home. There's really only one other little hill along the way which dwarfs in comparison to this one. The rest is fairly flat with only slight inclines and declines.

So altogether, my Endomondo app said it was 21 kms (13 miles) and it took me 1 hour and 17 minutes. I'm proud of myself for climbing that hill on two wheels, and for doing it without having a heart attack. I realize that for serious (or even mediocre) bikers this is hardly an accomplishment, but seeing as how I've only had Breezy since July, have only been out on her a dozen times, and that the last bike I owned was in high school, I think today was awesome. Tomorrow I've got a different course in mind and plan to bike for 2 hours, as long as the weather's suitable.

I really must thank Thor again for giving me Breezy and for equipping me with new tires recently as well. I think I'll really enjoy her. :*

Jules :Oyay!


SIMON said...

Very well done, (you and Breezy!!!)that is a very long as opposed to steep hill and long hills are the worst!
Go girl!!

Diane said...

Pretty Schwinn!

The Grunt said...

Awesome! I need to dust off my old mountain bike and hit the trails again.

Jules said...

Si - It's pretty steep too, actually.. ;P

Diane - Thank you! If you go to this post, you can see me with it, from my vacay with Thor.

Grunty - I don't know if i'd do well with mountain biking, I don't really like bumps. But yes, you should revive yours!