Wednesday, August 24, 2011

black is my new tan.

I'm officially making the switch to black coffee. I've been having a bit of a sugar overload again, largely due to the fact that just about every day I have an XL or L French Vanilla from Tim's. **GASP** Don't calculate the cost of that per month. I said DON'T. ;P So this morning I had it just black and what to you know.. I apparently have developed an appreciation for black coffee, thanks to Thor. He's been training me. LOL This will be much cheaper too and I do have a coffee maker, so I might even venture into making my own here in the morning sometime.

Other news.. I went on a bike ride again today. I did almost 48 kms in 2 hours and my average speed was 23 km/h. I did take some photos, but I think you're probably tired of seeing pics associated with me and my bike, so I'll lay off that for a day or two. Tomorrow I'll go again.. maybe for even longer, though I will pack more to eat than I did today because come 2pm I was bonking, just returned home at 1:45 or so.

My son's been in soccer camp all week so far. I put him in it so that (truthfully) I could get used to being without him all day. I do thing it's important for him to have that sort of adjustment period and get used to listening to rules and be on a schedule before he starts grade 1 on the 1st, but it was for me to get over the separation anxiety too. Monday I was lost. The bike ride that day helped. Tuesday I was a bit easier. Today rocked and so will the rest of the week. I didn't realize how calm and serene doing errands could be, and how fast I can accomplish things with no-one else with me.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

I am very pleased at Thor's success in converting you to black coffee!!
I was wondering where your 5 year old attachment was this week...... at least he is playing football with the right shaped balls!
Shut up!!! Grade 1, next week!!
You both need this adjustment period and it all seems to be working well, win win!!

The Grunt said...

Hey, anybody here remember the artwork for the Queen album "Jazz"?

Jules said...

I think I like the black coffee. I've managed to stick with it so far, Si! :) Sometimes I still want an iced coffee though. But i've kicked the french vanilla habit in the arse.

I love Queen, but sadly no, Grunty. I don't know it. How is it related to this post? Or were you just curious about that...