Friday, August 05, 2011

boring update

Went to the doctor. He referred me for an ultrasound that I'll be having done in the middle of the month this month. Here's my prediction... based on no scientific evidence, just a gut feeling (no pun intended). I think they'll find scar tissue from the ablation I had done a year ago and that since it's scarring, there's nothing they can do about it as trying to fix it would likely just create more scar tissue. So I'm destined to live this life with this new pain. But it's still better than the pain I used to suffer prior to the ablation, so far. The crappy news is the doctor that did the ablation is gone now and there's a new doctor in his place. The good news is that the new doctor is a woman and is just stepping in for a smooth transition, so I should be able to see her if necessary without too much hassle, being an existing patient.

Here's some totally unrelated news.

My mom is building a garage in my back yard to house my deceased step-dad's truck. I had to pay the cost of the permit and I get a garage. Seems like a good deal. It's causing me some stress though, and with this pain of mine, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to put my handy-woman abilities and extreme talents to use. I'll try. I've never built a garage before. I'd have been stupid to have said no though.. as it will increase the value of my property by about $20,000 and I'll have a fully finished back yard after it's done.. including fenced off completely providing me with better security and a place for my son to play, worry free. And since the truck will be stored here, I'm sure I'll be able to use it more often and more easily. I guess I'll park in it once in a while, maybe in the winter, too.

If anyone in my area wants to come help build a garage, do stop by! :) We're starting on Monday.

Jules :O/


The Grunt said...

Pain sucks. I would be right there with my tools to help if I lived nearby.

SIMON said...

Even though it was pretty much as expected I'm glad you've been to the docs - so even a boring update is good!
I think we are all talked up on the garage build front which just goes to show how long all that has been on the cards. It's great that your Mom is making it possible and if distance wasn't the object you know I'd be there in a flash!