Monday, August 01, 2011

Final Vacay Days - West Glacier National Park

Okay, so it's back to the final days of my trip to the states. We left Flathead Lake early in the morning on day 7 and drove up to West Glacier National Park where we set up camp in the very beautiful Apgar Campround next to the Village of Apgar (click the links to see a live webcam). After setting up camp, we went for a bike ride to explore the campground and the village. We did some shopping and then decided to get our water-sporting on. Here's Thor at the edge of Lake McDonald. Those mountains in the distance are enormous and gorgeous. You can never quite capture the size of the mountains on camera... nor the impact they have when you see them live.

We spent the next 3 or 4 hours on the water, kayaking around. Near the edge of the lake it was glass calm, but unwise me, I decided to cut straight across the middle of it and found out I really should listen to Thor, LOL. A water-baby like him really knows the wind patterns and water surfaces. It was a bit tougher to paddle in the wind. One kayaker said he got stuck in the middle of the lake for about half an hour, paddling but getting nowhere. Mostly, our ride was incredibly calm and relaxing, a pure joy.

After supper we went for a bike ride down towards Avalanche Creek, but not nearly that far. Came across this really pretty little clearing with this little mountain spring waterfall. I totally love this photo.

The evening brought about some more general campsite fun as well as some peppermint schnapps. After the schnapps and the beer, I found the following pamphlet to be really hilarious. I mean come on.. I really had my heart set on grabbing some bear balls whilst in the park.

The next day we set off to hike on Logan Pass. We went there last year as well, but there wasn't nearly this amount of snow. It was hot though and there were just a couple of spots on the mountain we climbed that had little patches melted off. Here are some wildflowers on the little spot we chose to sit and eat lunch. The purple stuff is rock, the rocks there are amazing, so bright and colorful! Happy little flowers, hey? How could they not be, in that location!!

Thor set up his tripod and snapped 4 of these photos. This one was the best. It shows our elevation well. I loved everything about this day... and being up there. It was like the world belonged to us. No-one else was anywhere near there. It was peaceful and quiet and warm and smelled amazing. It really takes your breath away being in such a stunning location.

I didn't really see much wildlife this trip. This happy little goat was walking down the "Going To The Sun Road" on the wall barrier as we were leaving at the end of the day.

Back on the bikes, Thor snapped this pic of me on my bike "Breezy". We just went for a little ride around the area as the sun was setting. Thanks for taking such a nice photo of me, Thor (and for letting me post it and the mountaintop one)!

It was an amazing vacation, with the most wonderful and appreciative company! The next morning we had to pack up camp and head back home, we'd already made plans to get together 3 more times before summer was over. We've just gotten back from going to Radium Hot Springs again (our home away from home spot), and had another fantastic time. I'll post a few pics of that trip tomorrow or the next day.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Yes people go to that amazing location just to molest a grizzly, not just like you to enjoy every aspect!!
Oh yes the village of Apgar its webcam is also in real time!!! Message to self to come back 'not' at 2am there, it looks very pretty in the dark!!

The Grunt said...

Great photos! I agree on photos not doing justice to the size of mountains and such. The times I go down to the desert canyons in my state I get an otherworldly feeling. I take the photo and see it all scrunched up and it is disappointing.

You and Thor look great together. The picture of you on the bike is a good one.

Jules said...

Si - well maybe not a grizzly (tho that's what it shows in the photo).. a black bear's balls perhaps? I just feel like I missed out on something there because of that. LOL Yes, check it out when it's light out if you happen to be awake there. It's so pretty.

Grunty - you should experience them up here. I've found the Rockies take on so many personas depending on where they are. Post some of your mountains sometime on your blog, hey? Thanks, we feel great together too. :) Yes, I really like that photo of me with "Breezey" (I named my bike).