Sunday, August 07, 2011

I love: LOVE

I went to Banff today and found this petal laying in the sand exactly as you see it here. Amazing, no? Is there anything better than love? Really? Other than sex.. but you're not supposed to have sex without love, so really love wins there too.

Here are my footprints in all the pedal, sand and icy water bliss. Ahhh.. refreshing! It's always cool how it looks like it's in 3D when you do this type of pic, but really it's not.

Ok... and my feet too. Just because my toenails match what was going on there...

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Loving love is good, it's on a different level altogether to sex, as well you know!!
You have a wonderful and unusual knack of never missing a heart and your first pic is superb!!
Now I have to ask - where did a Canadian get such a healthy tan on her legs?!!

Jules said...

Thank you, I do seem to find them wherever I go.

As for the tan.. I really can't explain it, we've had so much rain this year. I'm outside every opportunity I get. :)