Thursday, August 18, 2011

making friends is good, right?

I wonder if I should do a blogger buddies meet. I've been wondering it for quite a while. I think I first thought of the idea last year sometime, though I don't recall the actual time and date. I've known other bloggers who have gotten together at a local establishment because they've all lived reasonably close and had a great time just laughing and drinking and telling stories and some of them even created long lasting friendships from being able to do this. Perhaps what's stopping me from doing it is fear of going somewhere, waiting for my lurkers and/or commenters to show up and having nobody come join the party. That'd be embarrassing.. little ol' me, all alone sitting there waiting and then eventually just drowning my sorrows in Malibu and rum! I know there are quite a few people that read my blog from within Alberta... but I can't reveal my sources.. ;P Mwaahahahaha

It's still summer. The weather's pretty good, the roads are travel-able. Who's up for it? I'm not gonna do it unless people say they want to on here, or via contacting me some other way, so let me know!

Jules :O?


Jules said...

Yup. That's what I thought. :(

SIMON said...

Of course a bloggers meet is a great idea, over the years we've spoken about it many times, the wheres and whens and we both know all of the great side of actually meeting...... downside though we both know also how people can be when making arrangements!!
In a way you are right with your comment above - sadly. Very sadly, if I was in Alberta I'd meet but that kind of defeats the object it's mainly people that you haven't met before that's it s all about. Some people as we know in real and virtual life have no soul, no spirit of adventure, no joie de vivre.
Chin up!!

Jules said...

I did this for a specific purpose, but it didn't work. Hmmm.. I'll have to give it more thought. I just happen to know there are more than just my family reading my blog here... and in close communities of here and I thought it'd be cool to meet them. Not to say that they don't have any sense of adventure.. but I just wonder what holds lurkers back from commenting. You know?