Monday, August 08, 2011


I just ate two cupcakes (but I scraped off the icing).

Damn boredom, loneliness and a kind neighbor who wanted to thank me for looking after his dog.


Takes soooo long to take off the pounds, and they get put back on so easily.

Jules :O/


The Grunt said...

Yeah, but cupcakes are gooooood!

Tys on Ice said...

dont sweat it...its just cup goes directly to the areas that are defined by cup sizes...thats the have another one..soon u will be falling over eachtime you bend to pick up anything..

never regret cup rules.

Jules said...

Cupcakes ARE good, Grunty... too good.

Tys - I love your logic!! However, being between a C and D cup already, I'm not sure I need more cup size...

SIMON said...

Cup cakes *do* rule ok?!