Sunday, August 21, 2011


Some randomness for you.

Tell me what your first impression of this photo is (without reading the words on it).

Cuz to me it looked like a silver ass imprint. And when I think of an ass imprint being on my kitchen counter or stove top, it doesn't evoke appetite. Hey wait! Maybe I just stumbled upon the newest diet aid!! Of course there's the other side of this. I could imagine the ass imprint was caused by a hot lustful night with my lover in the kitchen. In which case it might make me more hungry. Either way, I wish my own ass imprint was shapely like that one is.

Moving on. Am I just obsessed with cereal or does your pantry shelf resemble mine? The scary part is that I just finished off 2 other kinds of cereal and so a day ago this shelf would have had 2 more varieties. I mean seriously... it takes up 3 feet of space. Is this really necessary?

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

I thought I was looking at an ass-shaped jello mold. Cereal is good for what ails you. BTW, thanks for the virtual hug:) I needed one.

SIMON said...

It's an ass imprint, that's all there is to it!!!
It's in your kitchen you can imagine what you like about it!!

They do take up a lot of space but some days you just don't want 'that' one, do you?! As long as they are all good for you then you have to sacrifice the space.

Otherwise you become a cereal killer!!!

Diane said...

Not only does it look like a silver ass imprint, it also looks like a toilet seat for a really . . . weighty . . . person.

Jules said...

Grunty - I'm curious.. if there was a jello shaped like that ass, would you be all about the jello?? You can have a hug anyday!

Si - LOL. They're not ALL good.. but most of them are ok. I don't own that spoon rest, couldn't bring myself to buy something so awful. lol

Diane - LOL!! I like how politically correct you're trying to be there.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

It looks more like 'balls' imprint, especially when they hang! hahaha :)

Jules said...

Sids - That made me LOL! I hadn't thought of balls! How could I, of all people, not have seen that immediately?! Haha