Monday, August 29, 2011

Toast with me!

Well, I've officially been a black coffee drinker for a week today. Is there an anniversary celebration for that event? Is somebody going to throw me a party? I deserve it, I think. Somebody could at least buy me a coffee!

Yesterday I discovered something. Flavored black coffee. It was a large medium-light roasted Caramello from Second Cup. Having had nothing but black Tim Horton's coffee thus far, this seemed like a deliciously sweet blend of black coffee. I loved the aroma of it and each swallow left a pleasant coffee-caramel aftertaste. Call me a happy camper!! I've never been a Second Cup fan, really, but I'd totally go back there for that blend again.

Now. I have to share this with you too. At Tim Hortons, their special promise to us, the customers, is that there's never a pot of coffee that's more than 20 minutes old. However, their signs promoting that promise don't reflect that. If they open say at 7am, and put a fresh pot of coffee on at 20 minute intervals that should mean that the white pencil thing that they do on each pot should only ever be in increments of 20 minutes, technically speaking. So every coffee pot is started at 7am, then switched at 7:20, 7:40, 8:00, 8:20, 8:40, 9:00, 9:20, 9:40... etc. See the pic below? Understand my cause for concern? I demand to know who's not making the coffee on time and why did they chose to use that coffee pot model as the one for their ad campaign if they wanted to gain the trust of their customers? I only thought I'd mention it because I'm not entirely sure this is truthful based on a cup of super bitter and old tasting coffee that my lips came across on Saturday from there.

(photo courtesy and copyright of Tim Horton's Canada)

Okkkkk.. so I understand how it happens to land on an odd time. Literally thousands of people flock to Tim Hortons every day and for great reason, so undoubtedly a single pot of coffee doesn't last for more than 5 minutes in that chain, plus you have to add in the minute or two that it takes to clean the old coffee grounds out and put new stuff in to brew. So if that's the case, new pots are being started at odd increments throughout the day. But really.. on first glance, you get the mismatch, right? Orrrr... did I just put too much thought into a sign design?

Jules :Oahhhh..


don said...

They probably take all the pots of coffee they make and divide it by how many store hours they are open to come up with that figure.

I don't understand the picture. Maybe there's something missing?

The Grunt said...

It's a conspiracy, I tells ya!

SIMON said...

Black coffee and flavoured black coffee this girl is really learning to live life in the fast lane..... no really!!
I think maybe a bit of over thinking on the Timmys sign but it did make me laugh!!