Tuesday, August 23, 2011

today's ride

Hope you don't get bored of seeing pics of my bike trips, cuz I'm excited about this new sport (for me) and it makes me feel good when I go out. So today I went out of south east RD, up a highway... I really should look on a map and see what the name of that highway is, but I don't want to right now, plus I should have some sort of anonymity I suppose. Anyway, I cycled 16 kms just about, and it took me 50mins. The ride out was almost all a gentle incline, so it was more difficult but not hard by any means. The ride back was therefore faster and more fun. My house is somewhere in about the middle of that photo, waaay off in the distance sort of a ways behind that telephone pole.

This farmer's field not far off my final destination (turn around point) was really pretty. The camera took a dark photo of it and I don't have time to lighten it, but really, it was nice to look at and it smelled great. There was just enough cloud cover so that I didn't get too hot as well.

This is me at the turn around point. It's just outside a bunch of houses that exist on top and around that hill in the above photo. I glanced at the sign, but right now I can't remember it.

Here's what my Endomondo App said I did today. I have to attempt to find my exercise watch so I know how many calories I'm burning each time. I went 3km/h faster on average than yesterday's ride.

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

So, what's your cycling playlist?

Santosh Kumar said...

Hi! Very nice and interesting post.

Suggest me a cycle for biking. Should I go for MTB with gears or without gears.

SIMON said...

You see that's what makes you so bloody clever!!
You take good pictures including of yourself as well as cycle, keeping fit and enjoying it!!
Talk about multi tasking!!

Jules said...

Grunty - it seems to be mostly Top 40 hits, but there's some bollywood music thrown in there just for fun too, and a few country songs.

Santosh - Welcome to my blog! Here's your ((FREE HUG)) for stopping by! I'm brand new to the cycling thing, and I don't know enough about bikes to offer you an educated response. The place you want to check out is here: http://bicyclelog.blogspot.com/
Don's Bicycle Log. He knows everything you'll need answers to, but please do come back here again, hey? :)

Si - I've always been the queen of multi tasking! :)