Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I think there should be some law against having commercials or songs with sirens playing on the radio. There's nothing worse than hearing that as you're driving along and feverishly trying to find out where the emergency vehicle is coming from, being unable to find it as your eyes dart as fast as they can in literally a 360, nearly mimicking the chick on the Exorcist, coming up blank and then just pulling over anyway because you can still hear it so you know it's got to be passing past you any second.

Ok, so I haven't actually pulled over.. normally I realize that it's on the radio before I get to that point, but there are certain songs or commercials that when they're new to the airwaves actually set me off like that.

Where is it? Whozzat? What's going on.. whoozzaa.. wherezit.. God Bless.. huh?
Oh. It's the radio.
Damn commercial.

On a different note, I burned popcorn tonight and now despite the whole air freshener and windows being open thing, it's still all I can really smell. I wonder how long it will stick around for. I want to run my self cleaning oven deal tomorrow while I'm guaranteed to be out of the house for a few hours. It'll really stink up the place too. So I'm guessing that by September my house might smell decent again.

Crap. I forgot about my peppermint tea.

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

Mmmmm, burnt popcorn, the most long lasting smell of them all.

I like the new profile pic.

SIMON said...

Sirens are bad I know but with me its TV ads with mobile phones with the same ring tone as mine. Rush to answer it only to find it's on the telly!
I would give your house til October!! Burnt pop corn, peppermint tea and oven cleaner.... Wow!!

Jules said...

Grunty - it disappeared after a day, thank God. Thanks! I like it too.

Si - LOL! Time to change your ringtones! I never did do the automatic oven cleaner. Maybe tomorrow while I'm out running errands.