Sunday, August 28, 2011

What's in a title, anyway?!

Oh my goodness. Help me out with this one.

At what age do you stop being called "Miss" and start being called "Ma'am"?

Because all of a sudden i've been crossed off the "Miss" list and etched into stone on the "Ma'am" list and this is doing nothing positive for my self esteem. I thought I still looked young enough to be a "Miss".

Is it determined by how young you look? Or the vocabulary you use, or how mature you act? Is is a maturity/age thing at all? Or is it just what people have been taught to say in certain situations?

For example, the bag boy at the grocery store.. maybe he's been coached specifically to say "Sir and Ma'am" to the customers and can't use the title "Miss" at all. If that's the case, maybe I don't need to freak out. However, if they take a look at me and just think "She's obviously past her prime, I'll call her Ma'am.. I mean look at her, she's pretty much a borderline "cougar", then I have to say that just sucks crusty pucker. I mean, it wasn't all THAT long ago that I got ID'd in the liquor store.

I know I can't stay young forever, and I enjoy my "maturity". i think I get prettier as I grow up (or maybe I just have better hair). I've always felt like I was at least 10 years older than I really am (or more) and I tend to make the best of friends with people older than myself. But really... can't I be called "Miss" for a little while longer?

Jules :OX


The Grunt said...

How's about "Madame Jules"?

The Grunt said...

No, I'll just call you "Senorita".

SIMON said...

Miss merely refers to your marital status and has nothing to do with age!! The more polite and generic term for all women is Ma'am.
Emergency services and military all over the world have always and 'forever' used Ma'am for any female irrespective of age, looks or maturity.
Your boy at the grocery store is absolutely right, more correct than me for example because (as you know) my favourite endearment to any women again irrespective of age etc. is "love"!
LOL at having better hair and Amen to getting prettier!!
Is that OK Ma'am?!!

Santosh Kumar said...

I agree with Mr Simon. Miss or Ma'm is associated with the tag of your marital status. Sometimes, people use Miss for similar Age grouped and Madam for seniors. To show respect to people, 'Madam' is used frequently. Suppose we are talking to somebody on phone or writing a letter, 'Madam' is the most common word to be used in such cases.
Getting prettier with age is a blessings of God..Cheer up and Enjoy.

Tys on Ice said...

personally Iam a ma'am guy...its that old colonial thing handed over to me thru my christian school education...

so its ma'am jules.

Jules said...

Well... thank you all for your input. I'd still rather be called a "Miss" for a while longer. But I guess I'll not get so offended at the Maam thing anymore. I guess either one is better than "Hey Lady!" or "Hey You!"