Friday, September 02, 2011


I wish I had a spa treatment gift certificate. I'd like to get a full on pedicure done.. you know, really treat my feet to some nice warm parafin wax, a good solid rub down, trimming, waxing, polishing, sanding.. err.. pumicing.

I think feet are under appreciated for all they do for us. They just get totally abused all day long. Walked on, run on, toes get stubbed, things get dropped on them, they hardly ever receive lotion or massages and they almost never get adored. Some people forget to trim their toenails and really don't take good care of their feet, and end up getting foot fungi. It's really a shame.

I think the feet are the most abused and least appreciated part of the body.

... besides the asshole. That probably trumps the feet.

Let me just say thank you, feet. I adore you. You haven't let me down yet.

Jules :O)


Tys on Ice said...

synchronicity babe synchronicity... pedicure, totally!

dont scratch ur head, just go read me.

iam with u on the arsehole...have to find some ways to make it feel appreciated.

SIMON said...

Oh you really must find the time/resources to get your feet done, I know how important it is for you.

Oh the irony though, you do the most amazing foot jobs!!