Friday, September 16, 2011


Things on the fritz around here lately:

Battery for my laptop (so I have to keep it plugged in and deal with the constant blinking orange light).

My hot water tank (so I have to pay a guy $90 an hour to come look at and fix it).

My left foot cuz I slit the bottom of it open last night (so I'm hobbling around with it bandaged up and had to miss lunch duty at Thanan's school today).

My orchids, which once were in full bloom with 15 blossoms and are now only showing off 6 with one about to die (so I have learned that I don't know how to care for orchids, or else my house is too cold and not humid enough).

My attitude. But that's only half on the fritz, so it's ok for now.

Jules :O/


SIMON said...

You should maybe get a battery for your lap top?
Sorry about your water tank and very sorry about your foot.
Absolutely gutted about the orchids because I know how much you love them and if my Mum could keep them..... blah blah!

The Grunt said...

I thought this was an "Uncle Buck" reference and headed over here double fast.

The Grunt said...

Sorry, my bad; it was Felix, not Fritz.

don said...

At least you didn't fritz your hair..

Jules said...

Si - I probably should but they cost too much. Ya, I don't know why the orchids didn't last. Oh well. That's why my house is full of silk plants.

Grunty - LMAO! I'll have to do a felix post just for you someday.

Don - Well, I did cut it, but thankfully it didn't fritz. Can't risk stuff with the hair. I wouldn't want my boyf to leave me over frizzy hair. ;P