Friday, September 30, 2011

I just like saying ass sometimes.

I worked my ass off at my sister's house doing Zumba today... but for some reason, I still have too much ass. I thought I'd worked it right off, but then I looked in the mirror and there it still was. I mean, don't get me wrong, I believe women should have some curves, but I don't believe I need this much ass. I really could stand to lose some more of it. How many more mamba's and salsa's and other such latin dances do I have to do before I'm happy with the amount of ass loss I've had?Unfortunately I did Zumba for like 6 months straight almost daily and still ended up having this ass. Not to mention all the other exercise I did for the 6 months prior to that and through the summer. Hmm. Maybe I could hypnotize my ass away? Or at least hypnotize myself to think my ass was smaller.

Jules :O?


SIMON said...

I feel like anything I say right now may be deemed inappropriate by some so....... I am not going to think about your ass at all then I won't get in to trouble!!

Ok so I like saying it too!!

Jules said...