Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Labor Day on Flathead Lake

These are two of my favorite moments of my Labor Day long weekend. I took my son, whom I'll refer to as Thanan, down to Flathead Lake in Montana and spent time with Thor, his mom, sister and her boyf. We had a totally awesome time, or as my son said: It was "awesmazing" (cross between awesome and amazing).

I really can't express how in love with the whole weekend I was. Every aspect of it. Thor was the most positive influence Thanan's had as a male role model in a long time... possibly ever. He was so gentle and kind and patient with him, always teaching, coaching, laughing with, listening to, protecting and expressing love. I had to choke back my emotions and stop the sensation of being overwhelmed by how perfectly they fit together on countless occasions. Thor took us to do all the funtastic lake things. In these pics, we've climbed way up on top of Wildhorse Island to our favorite lookout point and enjoyed the 360 degree view and a snack together.

Thanan was really complaining about having to do the climb that Thor and I have done several times before. For a little guy like him, climbing a small mountain is a big feat, and for some reason, the little cacti up there kept finding ways to stick him but not us. So that troubled his little self too. But once we were at the top, he raved about how proud he was that he climbed waaay up there.

We also went motor boating, fishing and sailing. We played soccer and had fun with Thanan's remote control car. We sat by the fire at night and had marshmallows while cuddling and visiting. We all ate together, and we crashed hard at night from a long day of serious play. We visited the wonderful neighbors, and I marvelled at how beautiful the moments all were.

I guess I'll include a highlight that happened on the way down to the lake on Friday. Just before East Glacier, near Two Medicines I happened to be one of the 6 cars to stop and spot this pair of giant grizzly bears!! They were fishing and eating something on their side of the river bank. I stayed FAR away and digitally zoomed in. Excuse the quality of the photos, but I wasn't about to make myself or Thanan their lunch by getting too close. Grizzlies!! Can you believe it?

I saw a bald eagle, and some young bighorn sheep as well on the trip, but the bears took the cake. I've seen black bears down there before, but never one of these deadly creatures.

I was really touched by everyone and everything. This was actually my first time taking Thanan out of the country and aside from day trips around Alberta, it was my first "go somewhere" vacation with him. I loved the just Thanan and I moments, but I loved the "Flathead Lake Family" moments the most.

Now I'll have to be careful not to dream too big of dreams........

Jules :Oj


SIMON said...

What a fantastic time?!!
Grizzlies and Thanan all perfect.
Oh go on Dream big, you have to!
You know you have to!

Brandon Brown said...


I thought I would drop you a line to say that aurora's are possible here in a few days. With the ridge of high pressure we are under (warm temperatures, no clouds) it makes it even better! Check out my blog response to you regarding your questions of time to look and what time of year if you haven't already...I think it may help you to see them this time!

Jules said...

Si - yes, it was fantastic! I'll dream. The dreams started a long time ago. :)

Brandon - Welcome to my blog! Here's your ((free hug)) for stopping by. :) I do that for all newcomers. Thanks for the info on the aurora's! What time of night are they most visible? I'm not sure if I can get up at 3am. LOL I'll check out your response. Thank you.

Brandon Brown said...

Hi Jules,

The time of day does not matter for aurora. It all depends on when the flare or CME hits. Obviously we need it to be dark to see them but they can be out the strongest during the day. Timing is important for the impact in order to see a great show! A good idea would be to sign up for spaceweather alerts from spaceweather.com. You get a call whenever the aurora are out and it is affordable in my opinion. Another X class flare was just unleashed, which is awesome, but I hope it was earth directed!

Jules said...

OMG Brandon.. that website totally overwhelmed me. LOL Thank you for the link. I'll check it out some more when I've got enough time to wrap my head around it all. I think you should just tell me when they are. LOL That's easier. It is reasonably priced for the phone alerts. I'll think about that. Thanks again. :)