Friday, September 30, 2011

Life... and I can't translate the rest.

Tonight I finally got to watch the much anticipated "Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara".

I'm not a Bollywood movie critic by trade, but I really liked this movie. It was fun, romantic, serious, energetic, had good music, made me smile and laugh quite a bit and made me think a little bit about letting go of things and enjoying life a bit more, as well as forgiving from the heart. I like it when I come away from a movie thinking about a lesson it may have taught me. The bonuses of this movie were the fact that there was a Deol brother who was actually nice to look at, Farhan was totally sexy and adorable at the same time and Hrithik's character, while it drove me crazy at first eventually gave way to that fun loving soft gorgeous and charming individual I love to see him play. Plus, he french kissed Katrina in the movie, so that was a thrill (it's Bollywood we're talking about.. that IS a thrill).

It was totally worth the 3 hours to watch it (well, it might have been slightly less than that, but I do admit to rewinding a certain "lovely" scene or two a few times so that probably added another 10 minutes to the overall length. What?!?! Hrithik french kissing. Need I say more?

Seriously, if you're a bit tired of the same plots and same actors and same type of movie and you're looking for something new that will be a feast for the eyes and the emotions, give a GOOD Bollywood movie a try. Not all of them are good. But this one was fun and I'd recommend it.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Looks very like one of your sis's posts, looks pretty professional to me!!
I wholeheartedly agree - everyone should see some Bollywood, certainly before they criticise, some are rubbish but the same can be said for the cinema of any country.
If it had not been for you I would never have seen any so I'm glad I listened!!

Jules said...

LOL, Si. Nothing at all like Shell's posts. She used lots and lots of intelligent sounding words and gives a full critique of each of the songs and the actors. Mine was nothing compared to her posts. But I'm glad my suggesting watching them opened your eyes to a new thing that you can now sometimes enjoy! :)