Monday, September 12, 2011

Not moving. But not upset about it either.

The good news is that I got the job at Thanan's school, so starting tomorrow I will be lunchroom supervisor in a grade 2 class. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Bad news.. sort of... is that I am not moving. My house is only appraised at $340,000. I would have needed at least $350,000 for it. Fucking economy. Oh well. I have some pretty rocking plans for finishing off/upgrading this place that will build more equity. I want to replace the counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom, they don't seem to match and I've never liked them. I need to tear the carpet out of the upstairs hallway and install the same lino that's already in the house. I want to build a built-in desk with columns downstairs and also a built in tv entertainment unit. Finally, finish off the trim and install 2 closet doors. So I'll use my new supervisor money to save up for home renos, do all of that and maybe after that I'll have my house up in the price range I'd like it to be. And maybe there will be another perfect house to buy. I was thinking that maybe close isn't the only option. I could move to a neighborhood where he has to take the bus, then I wouldn't have certain "drop off and pick up" issues that I'm faced with now. Hmm. Food for thought.

Speaking of food, my pizza just arrived and the guys are going crazy with hunger. Gotta go.

Jules :O)


The Grunt said...

You are very ambitious, but that is a good thing. Seems like home prices in Canada are a bit higher than in the U.S. now.

Jules said...

Housing has always been more expensive in Canada compared to the States. I've always watched real estate shows on tv, loads of them around the US. You've known me for over 5 years, long enough to know I'm the Ms. DIYer. I'm looking forward to building the desk/columns. I'll get started after the weather turns cold and I need something to do inside. After a garage, this project should be fairly easy. :)

SIMON said...

I thought your appraisal would be less than that so I don't really think that is too bad, but all power now to tool belt Jules!!
Great news though about supervising at the school.

Jules said...

I have upgraded the property by about $35,000 now with the garage addition. So considering that it should have been more than the $350K. But alas, markets are still in a bit of a slump. Thanks, the job's been pretty good. :)