Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ok, fine. A clean post for you.

I think this photo is worthwhile. I didn't snap many pictures this time in Radium. It's not that I find it boring, I was just distracted by a different sort of view the whole time that I couldn't take my eyes off of. But this view, we found at the end of a hiking trail, near a lookout point that overlooks the whole town of Radium. Off in the distance, just layers and layers of mountains. I thought they looked cool in their nondescript shades of blueish-grey.

On a different subject. I was talking to my son about 911 tonight and we were having this really grown up conversation about when to call 911. Well, I thought it was really quite grown up, until he suggested he'd use their service for this: "You know when like, at Christmas time, when you just get a brand new toy and then you either lose it or it breaks? I'd call 911 for that cuz that's an emergency... you know... like wellllll, for a kid it's an emergency" as he shoots me this really comically thoughtful grin.

Bless his little thought process. I guess I'll have to keep the phone away from him until I can drill the list of acceptable emergencies into his brain... if there's near death, excessive blood, guns going off, robbery, fire, etc. Toys don't really count. Oh to be young and innocent again, even if just for a day.

Brings a song to mind. Sean Kingston's "Fire Burning". It was the first song that really made me wonder what the hell a "Shawty" was and whether I was one or not. LOL Ya. I feel old.

Jules :Oj


The Grunt said...

This is cute, but you definitely don't want him to grow up being the "guy" who calls 911 over an order mix up at Burger King.

Jules said...

Hahaha!! Thanks for the chuckle this morning Grunty! Please tell me that you just made that up, it's not based on real events...?

SIMON said...

Hey what do we know? Kids emergencies are extremely important. Yes maybe leave 911 (the proper one!) a little bit longer.
Meanwhile I love your blue mountains.

Jules said...

Si - It's so hard to know what age to be teaching things to kids. And such a delight to realize the innocence we all once had when we were their age.