Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ra.One coming in October!

I really am getting SOOO excited to go and see this movie with my Sister in October! We have been eagerly anticipating it since finding out of its inception. **dreamy sigh**

Just one thing... Can some of my Indian friends tell me what a Chammak Challo is? I can guess from the picturization that it means something like "loved one" or "sweetheart", but I'd like to know it's real meaning. Thank God for subtitles cuz even though I've seen maybe a hundred + Bollywood movies, I still don't know Hindi very well. I think it's totally awesome how an English superstar such as Akon is the official singer for this song, although him not being Shah Rukh Khan's normal playback singer(s) will mean I have to overlook the usual voice to persona match. I love that there's beginning to be such a nice crossover between Indian film and American entertainment. :D

Jules :OD


SIMON said...

I can well understand how you are so excited!! This post has even made me anticipatory!!
Nice one Jules!

Tys on Ice said...

my hindi is rusty to say the least but i think chammak chaloo means 'come spoon.'

which is pretty direct if u ask me.

SIMON said...

Chamak Challo is not a dictionary word of Hindi. It is used as a slang word in Hindi to call upon a charming moody girl who is not ready to listen to you. The word is used to admire the beautiful obverse and gait of the girl.
Its slang for sexy girl.

From Google the brain I never had!!

Santosh Kumar said...

Chamak Challo is used to define a beautiful girl with lot of charming appeal with her look, voice etc, ..the dream girl to romance with.

I have seen several movies of "Shahrookh Khan", he is not a great actor, but he is very professional and successful. I liked his movies like 'DDLJ', 'Darr'. I admired his performance in "Chak De India" and "Swadesh" very much.

Jules said...

Si - Yes, I'm really looking forward to it. More people should experience this sort of film.

Tys - Come spoon sounds exciting!

Santosh - Thank you, my Hindi speaking friend! I wonder if I'm anyone's Chamak Challo. I haven't seen Darr. The other 3 I have though, and I loved. I thought it was Swades, though. I think I know what one you're talking about. SRK's my favorite Bollywood actor, but many others come in very close behind him. I'm not strictly an SRK fan. :)