Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today's Quickie

I just have one word for you today.


Think about it. Research it if you need to. Do it.

The women in your life will be endlessly thankful and you'll get more action. That's a guarantee.

Jules :Oj


Shell said...

This should be amongst a man's top 5 words. Seriously.

Sornie said...

That bit of advice goes for both sexes. Just sayin'.

The Grunt said...

I take it you don't like to floss after sex.

SIMON said...

Excellent word!!
Alamost as important as Womanscape for you both to enjoy 'everything' to the full.

Jules said...

Shell - Top 3 words, I think.

Sornie - Doesn't that go without saying?

Grunty - Bwahahah! NO.

Si - It's more important. But ok.. I'll go for the "equality" thing.

Tys on Ice said...

do we have to to put after shave there afterwards? if so , mine is keeping its cave man looks

Jules said...

Tys. Here are the guidelines. No actual razor is required to accomplish manscaping. You need a hair trimmer like you'd see in the hair salon, that will buzz cut hair. One that gets very close to the skin but has different settings for height. Trim the chest hair to the thickness of a woman's finger so when she runs her fingers through it, they don't get tangled and lost. For back hair (including random shoulder and neck hair) you need to eliminate this as closely to the skin as you can (sans razor). Some people wax the area, this isn't totally necessary. Just trim it very very short. For the pubic region, DO NOT GO NAKED. This is actually a turn off for alot of women as it is too adolescent. Just get the pubes under control, again, keep them quite short, no more than the pinky finger width long, and be sure to trim ALL of it, above, around and below. Legs and arms are supposed to have hair, so unless you're a total ape-man, just leave those as is, blending in the hair so it's not obvious where you've trimmed.

So you see.. no razor present at all. No need for aftershave. Though that would help to make the nether regions more approachable. Just a dob of it. I'm just saying.