Monday, October 31, 2011

Boo.. celebrate me turning 1000!

I have two things to share with you...




I ended up going as a Spider Web Ghost. That's what it was called on the package. I bought the package, modified it and got a great many compliments. :) My own son didn't even recognize me when I went dressed like this to his school for supervision duty. Hahaha. It was funny.

The kids in the school said I looked:
"... like Lady Gaga"
"... beautiful and smelled good too"
"... really white and ghosty"
"... pretty with long white hair"
"... sort of too spooky"
"... amazing!"

So I'll modify this slightly to stay warmer tonight (I'll wear black yoga pants instead of nylons, and my shiny black knee high boots instead of the dull half calf ones) and I'll take Thanan out trick or treating. Should be fun!

Whether you believe in the whitching hour or not... I hope your October 31st is/was a safe and good one!

Jules :O)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

well let's see if I can prove it right then.

LMAO! I always knew I was young at heart, but apparently I'm young minded as well. I was intrigued by what UrlAI would say about me after reading that it very laughably rated Tys as a female between the ages of 66 - 100 years old. So naturally, I decided to get my own blog analyzed. Here's what it said about my blog:

Text analysis

" is probably written by a female somewhere between 13-17 years old. The writing style is personal and happy most of the time."

HAHA!! Well, at least the part about the personal and happy most of the time is correct.

Incidentally, there are more bullshit stats on their page about my blog and they can be seen here, you know, just for "shits and giggles".

Now lets get down to business. I'm moving onto the personal part of this entry.... nipples.

Well, you know I've been itchy lately. I've come to think it's either an allergy or dry skin. But the point is that while I've managed to find ways of dealing with it in public, there's just those few places that are less acceptable to scratch while hundreds of eyes are on you (because my inflated ego lets believe that there are always that many eyes on me). As a result of this, I've literally had itchy nipps for the past two days off and on. I want to tell you something. An itch left unscratched just festers.

I tried doing the whole discrete rub up against something (or someone).. or just happen to let my hand brush across my nipp in a meek effort to control the problem, but those things just didn't suffice. You'd be surprised at how many odd looks I got at the mall today when I adjusted my boobs inside my bra, let alone if I'd have scratched it. Ya.. people stare at stuff like that, which was unfortunate because I wasn't even trying to draw attention this time.

So I tried ignoring it for the rest of the day, thinking that I'd probably caused some total pervs to have the need to jerk off tonight, which made me oddly uncomfortable (normally I'd be flattered, today I was just creeped out). And as I said, ignoring an itch gets you nowhere. So tonight when I changed into my tank top and released them out of their material prison, I just let loose on my nipples. I just stood there and scratched them. And I did it for like 2 or 3 minutes. Little scratches and larger scratches, harder ones, softer ones... I just had at it. It seems to have done the trick. They're no longer itchy, which is a major deal after fighting with it for 2 days.

So.. if only it was as acceptable to scratch a nipple in public as it is to scratch an arm or a leg, I'd have had immediate relief. I couldn't even have done it in the washroom, because the sighs and moans I couldn't help but let out would have made the women just as turned on as the perverted men. I was taking a chance in doing it in my own house, it felt that good to finally relieve that itch.

I think the moral of the story is that if you have an itch, scratch it.. or risk being as offensive as I probably have been in this blogpost.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is why I am placed into the 13 - 17 age category.

Jules ;OP

UPDATE: I just went back to re-read my stats and they already up'ed my age to 18 - 25. Really? After this nipple post? I gained in age after talking about my nipples? Unreal! Haha!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

National Parks Visit No. ?

This is my favorite time of year in the mountains. The air is crisp and fresh, the fall colors are still vibrant, and the forests and mountains are dusted with fresh brand new white snow. It's as if someone took a giant sifter of icing sugar and coated the world around us. This photo is of Olive Lake in the Kootenay National Park, just outside 10 minutes or so from Radium Hot Springs. I've taken pics of it before, but never with it's first snow. It was breathtaking.

The snow increased in volume as I drove towards Banff National Park, the heaviest of it falling Saturday and into the night and was thickest right up at the border between BC and Alberta. Thankfully, the roads had been plowed and/or the salt they sprayed down did its job well. The scenery was more and more beautiful the closer I got to Banff today, simply because the skies opened up and the sun highlighted the bright white footprints of the storm the day before.

This really is the best time to go there, because you don't have to worry about road conditions and you can enjoy the hot springs more with the chilly air above and steam rising, and the snow just accentuates the lines and curves of each of the layers of rock way up high on the mountain tops. It was a wonderful weekend getaway with Thor, perfect all around.

Jules :O)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Notable purchase

It's totally worthwhile spending the extra money and buying the more expensive wiper blades for your car/truck. And nowadays they come with build in Rain-X protection which is a rockin' good product for fighting rain, frost and light snow. It rained today and I tried them out for the first time and they're amazingly smooth and quiet and repellent.

Love them!

Get some.

Jules :O)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ehem.. your input please

I don't know what to be for Halloween this year. Should I go all out and do a full on costume? Or should I just decorate myself up a little bit for the pleasure of the people who come to my door as I hand out candy? Most years as of late I've been quite into it. Well, since the birth of my child.. but I'm not sure about this year. I don't get to go out and have a good time at a party or anything.

I'm totally torn. Dress up, or be ordinary. Or do something clever like dress all in black and be my own shadow... nobody would guess what I am.. a subtle costume. Ahh heck. What's the point in that? I guess it's go all out or just don't do it at all. Hmm.

Tell me what I should dress up as.

Jules :O?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

enough is enough already.


Why can't I just be like the majority of people who are healthy. I look after myself, I eat relatively well, I am active and have lost nearly 40 pounds.. that's got to do my health some good... yet I just keep finding new things wrong with me.

I really feel like I can't take much more of this. Lately I dread waking up because I can't stand the thought of finding something else wrong with me when I look in the mirror at the start of the day.

Universe... please grant me a healthy and fit body. Or even just a healthy body. I'd take that.


Monday, October 17, 2011

I totally dig this tune.

Ohhhh some songs I just LOVE when I hear them.. this is one, heard it on the radio tonight. I can not help but crank the volume and sing sing sing! I really like Tracy Chapman (what few songs I do know), but I love this song: Gimmie One Reason. It's just a forgotten goody.. with a great sounding voice and I love the guitars too.

Jules :Oj

Sunday, October 16, 2011

some cheeses are evil

There's good cheese, then there's bad cheese.

I tend to be on the "love cheese but shouldn't eat it too often" side of life. I like most cheeses, but there's one that stands out as my favorite, and one that's 100% intolerable for me.

It seems to be a matter of cow's milk versus goat's milk.

My favorite go to cheese is the standard medium or old aged cheddar, but if I'm spoiling myself, I love a flavored Havarti. Doesn't matter what flavor, really. I'm currently enjoying a jalapeno havarti that hits the spot when I'm craving a nice smooth and satisfying snack. Dill havarti is so nice on a sandwich. Give me havarti or cheddar anytime, really. Oh and I haven't met a cream cheese I haven't liked yet either.

Swiss took me a little while to warm up to and so did feta, but now I quite enjoy swiss. There's still some feta that tastes really off to me, and I can't eat it. I've just recently learned that some feta is made from cow's milk and some is made from sheep or goat milk, which explains my like of it sometimes but not others.

Blue cheese is another that I can handle sometimes, but not others. It is made from either milk as well.. sometimes a mixture of both milks. So that one I can tolerate in little bits.

Parmesan is something I can take only in small amounts as well, but I have no idea what milk it's made from, as I don't have any in my fridge currently for reference, and it doesn't list it on this website. I suspect it's cow milk based.

Now. The grossest of all gross cheeses by FAR to my palate is Goat cheese. It starts off OK for about the first 2 seconds, but veeeery quickly turns into the equivalent of disgusting dirty goat fart with a hint of barnyard fecal mud in the back of my throat and it's something that just lingers forever. It literally just makes me gag and I can't stop with the sour gas face that it makes me do. To me, goat cheese just tastes like I imagine shit would. Give me any cheese made with goat milk and watch my face contort into something unrecognizable until I've had enough of something equally strong in flavor to combat the horridness of it (like 2 or 3 glasses of wine). I really just can't handle the stuff. It's too bad too, because restaurants are using goat cheese in more and more of their recipes so it really is a limiting factor when eating out.

It would appear that I should try Asiago cheese. It sounds like it's the only cheese that can be considered "healthy" and is actually recommended to be eaten regularly. Tomorrow, I have to go to the grocery store. I'll pick some up and pair it with some Triscuit crackers and if I remember, I'll let you know how I made out with that.

I know I've not listed them all. There's Brie and Mascarpone.. and probably several others that I don't even know exist. Enlighten me, if you'd like. I don't need to know the origins of cheese, but if it's cow milk based and you think I should try it, do tell.

What's your favorite cheese?

Friday, October 14, 2011

scratch me.

On October 1st in facebook I wrote:

"I just got a paper cut from a $5 bill. I'll probably die now, money is the filthiest thing ever. If I'm gona die at the hand of money, it could at least have been a bigger bill."

Since then I have began to have itchy skin... coincidence? I think not. I should start ordering my coffin, write my obituary and plan the memorial service now to save my family the frustration. I'm a goner.

Could be just all the effing dust in the air from harvest season, or the dryness of the Autumnal weather with winter approaching too though.

I'm thinking of doing a sign up sheet for volunteer scratchers. There are some places that are hard to reach that I need help scratching. You know, like that one spot in the middle of my back that you just can't ever get? Anyone want to help a girl out?

Jules :O?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look and ye shall find.

My boyf bought a really awesome vintage travel trailer.. a 15' - 1968 Aristocrat, recently, after months and months of tirelessly looking for just the right one. We took it out for the day when I was down in Washington and tried it all out. It's really light, bright and clean inside and has this rockin' view when you pull the curtains back and you can see out 3 sides. There's really very little to fix up inside too.. for its age it's in such great condition. But the best part of the whole thing is when he said "...our trailer... this will always be OUR trailer."

Some things are things you never forget.

I totally can't wait to have more fun in it! It's not the same trailer as the one we camped in when I was a kid with my dad, but it still reminds me of that one, a lot, and we had so much fun with that thing.

Jules :O)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my thanksgiving weekend

I went to Washington State this past weekend because it appeared to me that my family wasn't planning anything special for Thanksgiving, and my son was spending time at his Dad's and I didn't want to be alone.. and of course, my wonderful boyf lives there and asked if I wanted to come down. So I did. I had a fantastic time there. I got to see more of the city he lives in, and we hung out with some of his friends, enjoyed taking the camper out for the first time since he bought it, went for a short bike ride, and did a little bit of shopping. The best parts of the weekend were realizing that his feet subconsciously search out mine when we're sleeping just the same as mine do to his, having someone to be casual around with who admires a *good view* when he sees one, hearing/dancing to some really beautiful music, laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch on several occasions, feeling so in love and receiving that feeling back. Actually, there are countless moments that were favorites. Things that were said and done that struck me so wonderfully. They'll remain in my heart always... but some things aren't meant to be put on a blog.

Pic of the lake we took the travel trailer to for the afternoon.

The worst parts about the trip were the stressful drive down there and then having to leave to go home. They really shook me down at the border on the way down there, which they never have done before when I enter through Montana. Plus, the American side of the trip was done at night and it was pitch black with deer wandering around all over the place. That really sucked. I was vibrating, I was so wound up by the time I arrived there. It passed quickly enough though. The drive home was pleasant and in the daylight. Leaving was awful. As many times as we've had to part, it never gets any easier for me. This time I managed to hold off the tears until I'd crossed the border again and was in Cranbrook, BC.

One of the bridges with some funky rock stuff in the background (technical description). I thought it was cool how even the smallest creeks have bridge covers on them down around the border. The colors of Fall were stunning the whole way down there.

I long for and wish for the day when there is no more parting of ways. Until then, I'll just take it as I can get it and continue to cherish this wonderful thing that has happened in my life.

Jules :Oj

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Happy

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Canadian bloggers!

Short, simple and sweetly put.. I am thankful for all my loved ones. That includes my blogger friends!

Bless you and be well.

Jules :O)

Friday, October 07, 2011

Fun times with a lid

Every time I take a drink from the coffee cup that McDonalds gives you, I feel like I'm making out with the lid. It totally (more so than any other lids) looks like a face to me. It takes all of my will power to resist the temptation to... how do I say this without sounding perverted or insane... I must always resist the urge to tongue the hole.

Nope. That still sounded sick.

Enjoy a McDonald's coffee today!

Jules :O)

Tuesday, October 04, 2011


It's really nice to be loved.

And whatever the reason, it's so wonderful to receive flowers! I must be really loved this week, because I got flowers from my girlfriend earlier in the week and today I was given this gorgeous bouquet from Thor. These roses are so beautifully fragrant, I can smell them all over the kitchen and living room.

Thank you for loving me.

Jules :*

Monday, October 03, 2011

I need to learn limits.

Something I learned today is that I really don't need two XL black coffee's from Tims. I feel too buzzy. Like a majorly hyper brain that my body can't really keep up with. I need to tone down the coffee drinking, methinks. Plus.. you know something's wrong with me when I use the word "methinks". That's corny pirate talk. And it's not pirate-day. That was a month ago. Arrrrr...

If you're on a caffeine high, does eating something help, like when you're drunk?

Why is caffeine spelled like that? It's supposed to be "i after e except after c". There's no except after f in that statement. Silly English language.

25 minutes before I have to start my afternoon pick up kids routine. Hmm. Just enough time to go stand in line for a coffee at Tims.

I saw this van at Tims the other month. So you're driving along and you hear this strange metal-scraping-pavement sound and you just think it's ok to go driving around like that, can't be your own vehicle, afterall... it's gotta be someone else's beater making that racket?! Could you imagine?! Sparks flying off the back of your vehicle... traffic swerving to get out of your way in case they have to dodge the bullet if it falls off completely... ?? Really? Get a piece of wire and sew that puppy back on, man. Heck, even duck (duct) tape will do....

I had to fix the name of the tape, due to Grunty being a wise ass. ;P

Jules ;O)