Monday, October 03, 2011

I need to learn limits.

Something I learned today is that I really don't need two XL black coffee's from Tims. I feel too buzzy. Like a majorly hyper brain that my body can't really keep up with. I need to tone down the coffee drinking, methinks. Plus.. you know something's wrong with me when I use the word "methinks". That's corny pirate talk. And it's not pirate-day. That was a month ago. Arrrrr...

If you're on a caffeine high, does eating something help, like when you're drunk?

Why is caffeine spelled like that? It's supposed to be "i after e except after c". There's no except after f in that statement. Silly English language.

25 minutes before I have to start my afternoon pick up kids routine. Hmm. Just enough time to go stand in line for a coffee at Tims.

I saw this van at Tims the other month. So you're driving along and you hear this strange metal-scraping-pavement sound and you just think it's ok to go driving around like that, can't be your own vehicle, afterall... it's gotta be someone else's beater making that racket?! Could you imagine?! Sparks flying off the back of your vehicle... traffic swerving to get out of your way in case they have to dodge the bullet if it falls off completely... ?? Really? Get a piece of wire and sew that puppy back on, man. Heck, even duck (duct) tape will do....

I had to fix the name of the tape, due to Grunty being a wise ass. ;P

Jules ;O)


SIMON said...

Well it is after C, quite a way after!!
Caffeine is a strong narcotic and methinks you may be getting addicted to the highs!! Who'd of ever thought?!
Seriously eating does absorb some of it but the addiction works on your brain..... "Just enough time to go stand in line for a coffee at Tims."
Welcome to my world!!
As for the 'van' people can be so stupid can't they?

The Grunt said...

HAHAHA! @ "Duck" tape. It's called duct tape. I'm a bit anal about tape. I'm trying to be a bit more balanced and mix in a bit of oral.

In all fairness, there is a brand of duct tape called "Duck Tape".

I blame my cantankerous behavior on too much caffeine.

Jules said...

Si - ME?? An Addict of anything?? No. I'm already cutting back my intake. Can't be known for that. I was just kidding about the 3rd coffee. I'm pretty sure that'd kill me. My heart was racing too fast on the 2.

Grunty - See.. now I have always struggled with that. You've cleared it up for me. The reason for my confusion was due to that one brand which I clearly remember standing there in Walmart thinking.. "Duck tape??! I thought for sure it was duct tape... how could I have been wrong all these years?" Turns out I wasn't after all. Glad I could make you laugh though!