Monday, October 17, 2011

I totally dig this tune.

Ohhhh some songs I just LOVE when I hear them.. this is one, heard it on the radio tonight. I can not help but crank the volume and sing sing sing! I really like Tracy Chapman (what few songs I do know), but I love this song: Gimmie One Reason. It's just a forgotten goody.. with a great sounding voice and I love the guitars too.

Jules :Oj


Santosh Kumar said...

Lovely song, I also enjoyed it.

don said...

Love the guy dancing and the sound of the bass

Jules said...

That's cool Santosh. I'm glad you liked it and that I introduced you to something new.

Don, have you heard it before? I love the bass too. I noticed that guy dancing too. Think you could dance that well? ;P