Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my thanksgiving weekend

I went to Washington State this past weekend because it appeared to me that my family wasn't planning anything special for Thanksgiving, and my son was spending time at his Dad's and I didn't want to be alone.. and of course, my wonderful boyf lives there and asked if I wanted to come down. So I did. I had a fantastic time there. I got to see more of the city he lives in, and we hung out with some of his friends, enjoyed taking the camper out for the first time since he bought it, went for a short bike ride, and did a little bit of shopping. The best parts of the weekend were realizing that his feet subconsciously search out mine when we're sleeping just the same as mine do to his, having someone to be casual around with who admires a *good view* when he sees one, hearing/dancing to some really beautiful music, laughing so hard I almost fell off the couch on several occasions, feeling so in love and receiving that feeling back. Actually, there are countless moments that were favorites. Things that were said and done that struck me so wonderfully. They'll remain in my heart always... but some things aren't meant to be put on a blog.

Pic of the lake we took the travel trailer to for the afternoon.

The worst parts about the trip were the stressful drive down there and then having to leave to go home. They really shook me down at the border on the way down there, which they never have done before when I enter through Montana. Plus, the American side of the trip was done at night and it was pitch black with deer wandering around all over the place. That really sucked. I was vibrating, I was so wound up by the time I arrived there. It passed quickly enough though. The drive home was pleasant and in the daylight. Leaving was awful. As many times as we've had to part, it never gets any easier for me. This time I managed to hold off the tears until I'd crossed the border again and was in Cranbrook, BC.

One of the bridges with some funky rock stuff in the background (technical description). I thought it was cool how even the smallest creeks have bridge covers on them down around the border. The colors of Fall were stunning the whole way down there.

I long for and wish for the day when there is no more parting of ways. Until then, I'll just take it as I can get it and continue to cherish this wonderful thing that has happened in my life.

Jules :Oj


Jim said...

Where in Washington does this BF live? I'm originally from Bellingham (right up there close to the border).

How funny that you spent your Canadian Thanksgiving going from Canada to the US, while I spent mine going from the US to Canada (but I flew, that's a long drive from LA to Kamloops).

Jules said...

That is funny Jim! My boyf lives in the Spokane Valley. I'll have to google maps Bellingham. :)

SIMON said...

Wonderful pictures and pictures painted of great times together. You guys are destined to be together forever, live for the day.

Jules said...

Wow, thank you for saying such nice things, Si! :)