Friday, October 14, 2011

scratch me.

On October 1st in facebook I wrote:

"I just got a paper cut from a $5 bill. I'll probably die now, money is the filthiest thing ever. If I'm gona die at the hand of money, it could at least have been a bigger bill."

Since then I have began to have itchy skin... coincidence? I think not. I should start ordering my coffin, write my obituary and plan the memorial service now to save my family the frustration. I'm a goner.

Could be just all the effing dust in the air from harvest season, or the dryness of the Autumnal weather with winter approaching too though.

I'm thinking of doing a sign up sheet for volunteer scratchers. There are some places that are hard to reach that I need help scratching. You know, like that one spot in the middle of my back that you just can't ever get? Anyone want to help a girl out?

Jules :O?


Jules said...

Seriously? No volunteers? What a sad sad life I lead.

Tys on Ice said...

in the wake of james taylor and his legendary statement 'u got a friend', i volunteer for this brave task...

okie, undress.

btw, i trained my kids to do this for me...why do u think we have kids? slavery woman, slavery.

Jules said...

Thank you Tys. I knew I could count on you. You've trained your kids to err... scratch you? It's a bit disturbing to me, unless you're just talking about your back.