Sunday, October 16, 2011

some cheeses are evil

There's good cheese, then there's bad cheese.

I tend to be on the "love cheese but shouldn't eat it too often" side of life. I like most cheeses, but there's one that stands out as my favorite, and one that's 100% intolerable for me.

It seems to be a matter of cow's milk versus goat's milk.

My favorite go to cheese is the standard medium or old aged cheddar, but if I'm spoiling myself, I love a flavored Havarti. Doesn't matter what flavor, really. I'm currently enjoying a jalapeno havarti that hits the spot when I'm craving a nice smooth and satisfying snack. Dill havarti is so nice on a sandwich. Give me havarti or cheddar anytime, really. Oh and I haven't met a cream cheese I haven't liked yet either.

Swiss took me a little while to warm up to and so did feta, but now I quite enjoy swiss. There's still some feta that tastes really off to me, and I can't eat it. I've just recently learned that some feta is made from cow's milk and some is made from sheep or goat milk, which explains my like of it sometimes but not others.

Blue cheese is another that I can handle sometimes, but not others. It is made from either milk as well.. sometimes a mixture of both milks. So that one I can tolerate in little bits.

Parmesan is something I can take only in small amounts as well, but I have no idea what milk it's made from, as I don't have any in my fridge currently for reference, and it doesn't list it on this website. I suspect it's cow milk based.

Now. The grossest of all gross cheeses by FAR to my palate is Goat cheese. It starts off OK for about the first 2 seconds, but veeeery quickly turns into the equivalent of disgusting dirty goat fart with a hint of barnyard fecal mud in the back of my throat and it's something that just lingers forever. It literally just makes me gag and I can't stop with the sour gas face that it makes me do. To me, goat cheese just tastes like I imagine shit would. Give me any cheese made with goat milk and watch my face contort into something unrecognizable until I've had enough of something equally strong in flavor to combat the horridness of it (like 2 or 3 glasses of wine). I really just can't handle the stuff. It's too bad too, because restaurants are using goat cheese in more and more of their recipes so it really is a limiting factor when eating out.

It would appear that I should try Asiago cheese. It sounds like it's the only cheese that can be considered "healthy" and is actually recommended to be eaten regularly. Tomorrow, I have to go to the grocery store. I'll pick some up and pair it with some Triscuit crackers and if I remember, I'll let you know how I made out with that.

I know I've not listed them all. There's Brie and Mascarpone.. and probably several others that I don't even know exist. Enlighten me, if you'd like. I don't need to know the origins of cheese, but if it's cow milk based and you think I should try it, do tell.

What's your favorite cheese?


Nisha said...

My favorite is cottage cheese. :)

The Grunt said...

A good, sharp cheddar, whether it's white or yellow, always makes me happy. I like the funky and strong ones as well. Pepperjack is a favorite. Provolone is great on sandwiches. Real mozzarella, that is made from water buffalo milk and not aged, is really good with some prosciutto and fresh basil. Sometimes I really like brie and other times I feel like I'm eating coagulated bull semen--funny, because I have no idea what that would actually taste like.

don said...

I love all things goat..

Jules said...

Nisha - have you ever mixed fruit in with your cottage cheese? It's great.

Grunty - I'll have to try provolone. I looked at brie at the store today but bought a little bit of asiago instead. I'm not sure about brie, after reading your description....

Don - I like goats themselves. But I'm not into eating any goat products.

Shell said...

Don, you love ALL things goat?! I'm starting to wonder about you.

Jules said...

LMAO Shell!! You're too funny!

don said...

Um,. It's a Montana thing Shell..

SIMON said...

You really don't want to start me off with cheese do you?
Thought not!!

Jules said...

Hahaha, Don!!