Monday, November 14, 2011

nice try, 'scope writers

June 22 - July 22
Indulge your sensual nature today. This part of your being doesn't get expressed regularly. Go for a long walk with someone you love. Light some candles in your bedroom or take a leisurely hot bath. Tastes and smells are extra potent for you now. Enjoy a romantic dinner for two. Don't get so caught up in the intellectual aspect of things that you forget about the sensuous side of life.


Ok.. first of all.. BWAHAHAHAHA! My sensual side doesn't get expressed regularly? Eff sakes. That couldn't be more wrong. It doesn't get INDULGED with a partner as regularly as I'd like, but it sure does get EXPRESSED (and *singular indulgence* occurs probably too often).

I'm not going for a long walk tonight. The temperature is fine but the windchill is -1000.

I think I have either a cold or the flu coming on and I spent most of the day nauseous. So taste and smell are insignificant to me today. My stomach has been gurgling and outrightly growling at me viciously all day non-stop. I don't know if it's requesting food or telling me to stay away from it.

How do I enjoy a romantic dinner for two if my boyf lives in a different country?

I don't think I've ever been accused of being more intellectual than sensual.. although I can hold my own in certain conversations that aren't sex related as well... believe it or not.

The only point I won't dispute in today's horoscope is the leisurely hot bath. That's exactly where I'm heading right as soon as I hit the publish button.

Funny how sometimes horoscopes can be exactly right, and then other times they couldn't be more laughable.

Jules :Oj

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SIMON said...

Well because horoscopes are each for 1/12th of the population every day, I am frankly always surprised that anyone hears what they want to hear!!
More chance of the windchill really being -1000!!
By the way for the record - there is nothing wrong with your intellect but it just will never catch up with your sensuality!!