Sunday, November 13, 2011

The story of Spunky

Thor gave me this stuffed animal mountain goat the first time we spent together after a wonderful day at West Glacier National Park. The last stop before heading back to Flathead Lake that day took us to the Lake MacDonald Lodge (I think that's what it's called) and he just couldn't resist buying it for me. What a sweet gesture, I thought then. I decided to name him Spunky.

Since then, Spunky has come with me wherever I've traveled. You'd be surprised what a good travelling companion a stuffed animal can be. They don't require food or pee breaks, and they don't talk your ear off.. yet they provide you with an outlet to talk out loud and not feel completely insane for talking to yourself.

Most recently, Spunky joined me at the Rosslyn Inn & Suites on the trip to Edmonton to see Ra.One. He guarded my bed and waited patiently for me to come back. I'd have taken him with me to the theater but I didn't want him to get jealous of me drooling over Shah on the big screen.

Last summer Spunky came with Thor and I on our camping trip through Washington, Idaho and Montana. Here he is sleeping in late, reading a book and guarding my watch while Thor and I have gone off kayaking.

Spunky really is a bed goat. He's a bit lazy and loves to play in the covers after everyone else has gotten out of bed in the morning. Here he is in the camper again, refusing to make the bed until he'd had his morning cup of coffee.

This one was taken at the Village Country Inn in Radium Hot Springs where we like to stay when we go there. He really made good friends with this bird. Between the two of them, they kept us up all night chattering away.

I've taken Spunky to Montreal, Toronto, and all the places I've gone this year. Spokane, Missoula, Flathead Lake, various camping locations in the States, all the places around Alberta. He's seen lots and been great company. He's really reassuring and comforting after those super hard departures too. I haven't gotten to the point where I tote him around in my purse. I won't ever be that strange. But he does keep me company and act as a good guard goat. I even sleep with him. I took this one photo (which I can't find) with him stuck in my cleavage as I was falling asleep one night. I can't seem to locate that photo though.

The last time we were at Radium, Spunky worked up the nerve to ask this little beauty out. They spent the whole night together on the shelf. I can't blame him. She's awfully pretty, and obviously good at saving money, a very desirable trait in a partner. Smart goat.

Anyway. That's something you didn't know about me. Think I'm totally weird now?

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

A post to all Capricorns or lucky goats...
Think I'm totally weird now?
I think most of us have known that for quite some time........ A little bit of Jules makes everyone's day brighter.

Jules said...

Well. Here all along, I thought I had been camouflaging my true nature. LMAO! Thanks, though.. for saying I still brighten your day :)

don said...

I like all things goat

Jules said...


You're the best!