Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Not from some random circulating email... just from my heart to yours:

To those who are lost, I pray you find your way.
To those who have love, I pray that you fully embrace it.
To those who have children, I pray that you treasure them.
To those who are single, I pray that you never feel alone.
To those who are wealthy, I pray that you share your wealth.
To those who are rich in kindness, I pray that you teach others.
To those who are struggling in health, I pray that you are given relief.
To those who have lost meaning, I pray you find it again.
To those who have belongings, I pray that you express gratitude.
To those who are struggling with anger, I pray that you find peace within.
To those who have little, I pray that you realize you have more than you think.
To those who have health, I pray that you realize how lucky you are.
To those who are in relationships, I pray that you never take your partner for granted.

To one and to all, I pray for the best possible life for you, now and in the New Year.

Love Jules


The Grunt said...

Thank you.

SIMON said...

That's beautiful.... How could anyone not have a happy new year now?!

Happy New Year, may 2012 be everything you may pray for!

Jules said...

You're welcome, Grunty

Aw, thanks, Si!