Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas To All

This is the newest addition to my *seasonal snowman fetish*... he sits upon my tree's branches all gleeful and looking a bit psychedelic in his 60's colors. He's really cute, I think. Plus, I love his scarf and wish I had one like it in my size. I'd look a little bit stupid borrowing his though. He's a bit of a ladies snowman. There's this one other little chicky that I hear him flirting with on the tree when he thinks I'm not paying attention. 

He was $6. Really broke the bank. Not all things that bring happiness need to be expensive! However, having said that, I added up this year's total cost and I seriously can't believe how much this season has cost me (including Thanan's birthday). It's really good that I start buying gifts in the summer or there's no way I'd afford this time of year. 

I hope you all experience some sort of deep profound joy this holiday season and bring in the new year with a positive outlook on life and love. Say hi to a stranger before the New Year. Guaranteed it will make you both feel good and smile. 

Love Jules xo


SIMON said...

Love your funky snowman!
Hope you and yours have the best ever Jules.
I doubt Christmas itself will provide more joy to me than becoming a Granddad in Christmas week but we will certainly all give it our best shot!!

Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Merry Xmas babe

Jules said...

Si - Thank you! Yes, a Christmas Baby is hard to beat, so really it shouldn't even have mattered how the rest of it all turned out!

SSD - Your wish warms me through and through. Thank you! I hope your Holidays have been amazing. :*