Monday, December 12, 2011

Tub Chronicles

So I laid there.

Bubbles enveloping my entire body, as I sunk down deep into the hot water. I could feel my skin tingle as each little microscopic container of captive air released against me. It tingled almost to the point of being uncomfortable. Could bubbles really cause pain, I wondered? Or is this just what it feels like to be totally caught up in the moment and feeling nothing else? Devoting yourself to the feeling of that which touches you can be an enlightening experience, if given an honest try, I decided.

I sat up slightly, letting the top half of my face hover above the bubbles. But they had attached themselves to me and had followed me up above their natural habitat. Some of them lived around my ears. I let myself give way to them, listening only to their musical rhythm, as if I was holding my ear to a fresh bowl of Rice Krispies. They crackled and snapped just so, as they battled against one another for the dark cavern that led to my eardrum, as if to be in competition for the prettiest *pop*.

Lost. Swept away in the bubbles, I found myself once again. I love to live there, if even only for a few moments. Their happy melody soothes my frenzied soul and make me pause and appreciate the simplicity that life can be, if given the chance.

....... and if that was all too boring for you to read through... here's a photo of myself that I couldn't help but attempt at capturing after I left the bubbles behind .....

I wish my eyes were that big and beautifully shaped in real life.

Jules :Oi


SIMON said...

Lovely bubbly post!!

Jules said...

Si - People probly think I'm being silly when I get all serious like that... it must seem out of character for me. haha