Monday, December 19, 2011

the view

I'm not sure what's up with blogger, but I have no ability to format anything. I just have a spell check button, an image upload button and a "preview" link. Hmmm.

Today I went skiing for the 3rd time this season. For living in Alberta, we really haven't had much snow this winter, so far... and on one hand, I'm fine with that because the roads haven't been all that bad here. On the other hand, it makes for a bit of a challenge when trying to find snow and tracks to ski on.

I got tired of just scratching the surface of the one inch base at most and I looked over toward the golf course and saw what looked like really great snow. So I detoured through the trees, and decided to cut my own tracks. It was worth it, even though I thought I'd never get back to my car at one point.

I had to avoid the water hazards and I fell into a sand trap and narrowly avoided skiing right through another one. Carefully plotting my course, I eventually ended up hooking up with another set of tracks that someone else had done and managed to make my way back to known territory.

Actually, even though the skiing surface was mediocre at best and I fell, I still had a really great workout and a nice time out there. Swish, swish, swish... pshh, pshhh, psshhhh, tweet tweet, skitter scatter, fwooosh.

This was where I cut my own tracks through the golf course.

This was where they normally groom the trails, but it was only half groomed, due to the lack of depth of snow. Sometimes there were tracks, then they'd just disappear. Still, beautiful, I thought.

The golf course from the edge looking east, I think.. I didn't have a compass. And even if I did, I wouldn't know how to use it.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

Are you already on the 'new' blogger? If not you need to change, that's exactly what happened to mine.
You be careful skiing on unknown territory and really someone should teach you how to use a compass, they can be vital!
The middle pic sums up Canada to me and the bottom one - how all golf courses should look, all year. LOL! Don't tell your Dad I said that!!
Lovely pics!!

don said...

I like the pic with the tracks through the trees. Doesn't look bad at all.