Monday, December 05, 2011

When half is missing, it just can't be seen as complete.


So frustrating when you have this really cool thing, but you need this other really cool thing to complete it and you can't get your hands on it no matter how hard you try.

I just can't settle for sub-par on this one. It has to be just exactly the thing I'm looking for. I hope I can find it and get my hands on it in time. I shall henceforth make this my mission. Nothing else matters until I can complete this.

Without it, the other half is just incomplete.

Jules :O?!


SIMON said...

And you mustn't settle for anything less!!

Jules said...

I found it.. well.. I found one that I think will do the trick. I might need to distress it a little bit before it will work exactly... but yes. I didn't settle. :)