Saturday, January 07, 2012

Bollywood's "Don 2" was fantastic!

Don 2 was so many things. It was exciting, tantalizing, fun, cute in some parts, smart, witty, full of action, twisty and turny, beautifully produced... 

... and DAMN sexy.  So sexy my panties were wet when I left the theatre, making me wish Thor was back home to welcome me in all my horny glory. 

They wouldn't let me take the cardboard cutout home with me, so my sis and I had our way with it before we left. If there hadn't have been video cameras and people present I'm pretty sure I would have bared my chest and rubbed it .......... 

Wait... where was I? I got lost in a little daydream there. Maybe not being able to purchase the cutout was the best thing. 

Eff sakes. That is one seriously sextastic man outstanding individual. I could just watch him on the big screen all day. Even though Bollywood doesn't have any sex in it, this was sort of akin to me sitting through a 3 hour porn. At least, it had the same effect. It's time to go play and then fall into a blissful sleep. 

Jules :Ommm)

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SIMON said...

I now subscribe to Lovefilm, dvd's at home or on line yeah?
You make a list of 10 dvd's you would like to hire, choose a priority then they send you however many a month you subscribe to.
On my list as soon as they are available are Ra2 and this. Sneaked on to my list is Rockstar and Don and I saw an amazing Bollywood gangster film the other day called Wanted.
I'm begining to know exactly what you mean with the porn comparisons or at least the addictive quality!!