Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Fun Times Over New Years

Happy New Year to everyone, albeit a couple of days late. I was preoccupied with more important things than blogging over the last few days as it was a fun family holiday with Thor home.

I really enjoy the times when Thor and I are together, with other family members or without. We're great in a social atmosphere as well as on our own, enjoying a quiet evening together. Something I really love about him is his sense of adventure and fun. He's always up for a laugh, or trying something new. This weekend we did go skiing, which was pretty great, but we also strapped on pairs of skates which neither one of us had done in a VERY long time, as well as checking out the local sledding hill and commandeering Thanan's snow-donut (which I think we popped when we decided to go down the hill on it together).

What's awesome about it is that he makes everything look like so much fun I can't help but want to join in.  A couple of times I muttered out loud (but to myself) "wow, he's amazing!", and got a few weird looks from strangers who happened to hear me. You just can't help but want to become a part of the experience. Maybe I've always had that *I'll try just about anything* characteristic inside of me, but he seems to just bring it out a bit more.

So I'd say that the overall word of the weekend was "fun". Fun playing games, visiting, skating, skiing, sledding... and a load full of giggles and good times even when we were having a quiet evening in.

Today Thanan said to me "Because you know mom.. Thor IS just like a kid...."  I nodded and smiled in agreement. I thought it was a sweet thing for a 6 year old to say, especially because I think it means Thanan's saying he can relate to Thor as much as I can (even though it's on an entirely different level).

I hope that you all had someone to welcome 2012 with.. someone who makes you smile and laugh and want relive things from your past. Someone you treasure and adore. Someone who brings out the best in you as much as you do to them. Blessings for a wonderful two-thousand-and-twelve to you all.

Jules :O)


SIMON said...

You have always had that 'try anything' characteristic inside you. For a long time deep inside of you but now right at the surface. You are now not afraid of showing it off!!

Jules said...

You're probably right!

Quiet Paths said...

So fun; it seems a good time was had by all. I know he mentioned skating for the first time since being a kid. Pretty cool.