Thursday, January 12, 2012

Manchester 1998 - 2012

He's not here anymore to welcome me when I come home, tail jigging and a happy meow to say "Mommy!! I missed you today!"

He's not here to play with and get feisty with and play paper ball soccer with.

He's not here to rub against my legs and sleep on my feet.

He's not here to gaze into my eyes when I'm feeling lonely or lick my fingers when he knows I'm feeling sick.

He's not here to sit beneath my chair and keep me company when there's no-one else around.

He's not here to lick the bath water from my fingertips or visit me when I'm using the washroom.

He's not here to feel his warm fur on my skin and listen to his loud and soothing purrrr.

He's not here to sleep outside Thanan's door so that he can collect fresh morning hugs and kisses from a little boy who adored him.

He's not here to sit on the stairs and see us off every time we had to leave the house, and be a big strong guard kitty while we were away.

He's not here to be the official house greeter to any and all who stopped in for a visit.

He's just not here anymore. In body, anyway.

He'll never leave in memory. He'll never be gone from our hearts. I'll always have photos of him and of our time together.

We had a couple of very nice and extremely caring and bonding moments in his last days. As if to say "You are my everything, Mommy... you've loved me and taken the best care of me that you could have, and I love you."

I rescued Manchester from an animal shelter. Just me... I went there and thought I'd adopt a different kitten that I'd rescued a few days prior but when I got there to adopt that one, it was gone, and Manny jumped into my arms. I remember the day I brought him home. Just a kitten. Energetic, super friendly, the loudest purr I had ever heard. He was the light of the family with such a great personality. Outgoing, but warm... always looking for a cuddle or to play. He'd sit on my chest and massage my throat and collarbone or arms. He'd lick my hair and my cheeks. Really he didn't care what he was doing, as long as he was with me. He'd welcome me home if ever I was away, but he'd be sure to let me know he was mad that I was gone too.

I only have one regret with Manny and that's that I wish I'd have let him up on the couch more. Especially lately. Had I known our days together were nearing the end, I never would have let him out of arms reach. He got to do it a few times whenever Thor was here. And I know he loved that. I teased Thor about creating bad habits, but really I always found it so endearing.

The love a pet and his owner share is totally unconditional and completely bonding and rewarding. It involves a mutual understanding of one another, on unspoken terms... yet somehow it's always completely understood. It is the partnership of all partnerships, the friendship of all friendships. It is never demanding, and not taken for granted. It is rock solid, even when you're feeling at your worst.

Manny was always here for me, for 14 years. Irreplaceable.

Manny had to leave us today at 2:50pm, January 12, 2012 due to complications of a urinary tract blockage and fatty liver.

Manny.... we will miss you.

 Rest Peacefully, Manchester. I'll see you again someday.

Love Mommy xoxo


SIMON said...

Beautiful post for a beautiful cat.
He will be so missed I know by the other two boys and you of course!!
Already settled happily in pet heaven you can be sure of that.
RIP Manny.

don said...

He was loved.

The Grunt said...

He looked like a little panther--very beautiful. Thanks for taking the time during your grieving to share with us this post about Manny.

Ivo Serentha and Friends said...

I'm so sorry for your cat, you are near, and I have a dog who knows that day.

Thank you Jules of visits, you will always be welcome, maybe we're already gone, but beyond "photosphera" I have my own personal photos on Picasa

my picasa photo albums

click Picasa

I wish you a good Sunday thinking of Manny, a hug dear

Tys on Ice said...

* hug *

Plant a tree on his grave. Give him immortality.

Quiet Paths said...

So sorry to know you lost such a close friend. We lost two kitties last year. He was a lucky cat to have you.

Diane said...

I was so sad to hear about your cat! I know you did everything you could - you are an awesome mom! (cat and people!)

Jules said...

Thank you everyone. (hugs)