Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Manny. My Cat of 14 Years.

December 26th, I come home.. I notice Manny hasn't eaten hardly any food over the weekend while I was gone. It looks like he's had water, but barely any food's been eaten. I figure he's just protesting because I left him home alone for 2 days.

Dec 28 - Jan 3, He still seems playful and energetic enough.. but all he does is come and nibble at his food on rare occasion. Thor and I try a can of wet cat food, he eats it a couple of tablespoons overnight.

Jan 4, I try a new type of cat food for him, in a separate dish. He takes just a couple of bites, all day and all night. I set out more canned food, he refuses it.

Jan 5, I have known now for about a week that this is turning dire and that I shall take him to the vet. Tomorrow will be a good day because both the boys will be gone.

Jan 6, I take Manny to the Vet Hospital. They look at his teeth and tell me it will be 3 or more extractions. He undergoes a full blood work analysis and things are coming up with almost no issues. Some very beginning stages of kidney distress. The vet report calls him "anorexic" and the doctor says she thinks his teeth are likely the problem and that we need to act on that immediately.

Jan 7 - 8, Manny is lovey, purring, seems happy, but hasn't touched any food now since late Jan 5th. Over the 2 weeks, he's losing weight fast. He has lost a kilo. He used to be overweight, so it's not making him look too skinny. But his coat is full of dandruff now and he's also lost interest in grooming. Need to get him a better brush.. one that will get the dander off.

Jan 9, Manny goes to a different Vet Clinic.. an affordable one.. and has 4 teeth extracted, an IV treatment, the rest of his teeth polished, his back claws clipped and a skin tag removed from his back.  He's awake and ready to come home at 2:30pm. He's totally stoned and all he wants to do is sit in his litter box. No eating or drinking. The vet insists that I give him an appetite stimulant. I am hopeful that it works and that the numerous types of cat food I've left out overnight will at least show some signs of being eaten.

Jan 10, I wake up to Manny laying in the hallway, in front of Thanan's door. No food has been eaten. I check the litter box.. there were 2 spots of pee. Good.. kidney's are still functioning. I give his round of meds and a few syringes of water. He throws his head into my arm and weeps. Cat tears. I am feeling really really low. The vet assistant warns that I shouldn't keep giving the antibiotic on an empty stomach because a cat will develop a "fatty liver". I don't know what that means. He continues not to eat. I go out, and return home at 1pm. Manny is laying in bed. Doesn't greet me. I bought a bunch of food from the store, things the vet, Thor, and other friends have suggested I try with him. I decide to try milk mixed with chicken baby food. He sniffs it and turns away. I fill the syringe after wrapping him in a blanket and holding him close to me. He tucks his head into my neck and stops purring. I manage to give 10mL of this mixture over the course of the hour until suddenly he lets out a very loud howl and tells me to let him go urgently. He returns to his litter box. He's more affectionate with me than yesterday and lets me touch and pick him up. I think he knows I'm trying to help. If only he would just eat. I feel like I'm watching my cat give up. Like he's just going to starve to death. I'm trying all different things. I can't make him interested in food again. I dissolve an appetite stimulant in water and administer it via syringe. Not sure where tonight will lead. I'll try and feed him again later, before I go to bed.

It's a very painful and difficult thing to think about losing a pet that's been with you for 14 years. He's my little baby. I pray that he starts to eat. That's all he needs is to eat.

Jules :'O(


don said...

Aw,.. he's in very good and caring hands, and you are doing everything possible. That's all anyone could do.

The Grunt said...

It's sad to lose anything that you love. I hope that this is not going to happen right now for you, though.

SIMON said...

At the end of the day you can't do more than you are doing and he know's that!!

Tys on Ice said...

just keep doing what u do...life is so precious and is grateful for tender care...