Tuesday, January 24, 2012

young mind, old body... such is my life.

My body since about November hasn't been all that healthy. I had a salivary glad infection, and a quite uncomfortable flu bug to contend with. In and amongst all of that, and surrounding the symptoms of those things, I've also had a few underlying and recurring symptoms of illness. But I sort of assumed they were just all connected and that I was dealing with a lingering bug or bugs. I've felt very near passing out a couple of times since November, shortness of breath, all over heat, racing heart, lightheaded and dizzy on and off, and quite a bit of fatigue.

The past couple of days though, I've woken up with a shooting pain in and behind my right eye, as well as a massive right brain headache that is untouchable by conventional methods of pain relief combined with intolerable ear aches along with those other symptoms. So I figured I should probably go in and see a doctor. Thankfully here we have fairly quick access to them. So I went to the Walk In Clinic that I frequent and saw Dr. Stern. He's somewhat new at that clinic. I recollect seeing him one other time.

He examined me and discussed with me thoroughly that he believes these current issues are the result of a fairly strong sinus infection and is treating me with a medicated nasal spray as well as an antihistamine in an effort to clear them and my eustachian tubes.  I'm hopeful that works. He mentioned that I might be experiencing anxiety, hence the dizziness, raciness and heat. Awesome. Panic attacks. I haven't had to deal with them for at least 8 or 9 years. But since it was him bringing it up and not me mentioning it at all... there might be something to it.

Then he decided that I should have my thyroid checked in detail again via an ultrasound (my goiter isn't much if any bigger than it normally is, but perhaps.. it's causing me a bit of issue with swallowing lately) and have my bloodwork all done again, including my sugar levels. He's leaning toward the thyroid being the root of some of the other issues, so he's wanting to be quite thorough. So tomorrow I'll go do the bloodwork and 3 days later I'll have some results.

The funny part...
As he was checking off boxes for the bloodwork he said he'd test a whole bunch of things, and then paused, looked at me up and down and said... "I'm thinking we might as well test your... wait.. no... how old are you? About 25 - 27.. let me see on your chart."  And I let out this little giggle and said I was 35. He responded with "Noooo way... I never would have thought that. There's no way you look like you're in your 30's!  But since you are, we're going to go ahead and check your cholesterol levels too since we're at it." (He obviously didn't notice all my wrinkles and white hair).

I laughed again, told him he was officially my new favorite Doctor, and told him ok and that I'd fast for my 12 hours tonight and do the bloods in the morning. He insisted on me seeing him again for the results because he didn't want my files to just get lost in the system and when I went to thank him with a handshake and a "Thanks so much Doctor.. Stern.. is it?", he shook my hand back and said "Yes but please.. call me Donovan. I'll see you in a few days."

Hahaha. Is it just me or was that whole exchange a little bit funny?

Well, wish me luck with the whole thing. I'd like to be better soon. I'm pretty much tired of walking around on the verge of passing out and with daggers in my ears and eyes, surrounded by fog. It's probably not all that safe.

Jules :O/


SIMON said...

Oh yes please be better soon.
For the record, I doubt there's a woman anywhere in the world who when told by a doctor they look 8 - 10 years younger than they actually are - doesn't promote that doctor to the best in the world ..... ever!!!

Jules said...

my ears and head are feeling better already, so he called it right with the sinusitis treatment. we'll see what the rest of it brings.

you're absolutely right... every woman loves being told she's got to be younger than she really is. Every. Single. Woman. lol

Tys on Ice said...

doc is hitting on u..period.

u look 23, btw.

Jules said...

LOL, well he didn't seem so forward when I went back for my results. I'm quite healthy internally, btw, so that's a relief.

23! Hahahaha... but THANK YOU!