Thursday, February 09, 2012

I observe, I wonder, I ask.

She is there, he is here.
They are coming, they are going.
This man goes over there, that girl comes in this direction.
The woman runs, the man walks, the children skip.
Some are driving, some are cycling.
Some are going slowly, some are in a hurry.
A car parks there as a bus full of people drives over that way.

Everyone is doing something, has somewhere to be, other people to meet.

Some are dealing with a bad day at work, others have an annoying hangnail.
Some are experiencing stress, some are bored and sleepy.
Some are coping with a loss, some just lost their keys.
Some have just been promoted, some are looking for work.
Some are worried about being too thin, others feel as though they are too big.
Some are happy and fulfilled and some are lonely and depressed.

Everyone has something to deal with, whether it is a problem, condition, or otherwise intrinsic or extrinsic force.

People are busy. Like little busy hunter gatherers.. little buzzing bees put here to fulfill a purpose.

Do you ever just sit and think about what your neighbors are doing right now? What about the collective people from your neighborhood entirely. What about what everyone in your town or city is doing. How many busy people are there living around you, going about their business, always with places to be, people to meet with, things to do. Never stopping, always moving, always doing.

We are never all resting together. Imagine if we could coordinate a *synergystic movement* where the entire population of the planet all stopped what they were doing at the exact same time and stood, laid down or sat in a state of total stillness and silence for 3 minutes. I wonder what that would do to the planet.

I wonder if we did that, how much energy would be saved, how much forest, water and other natural resources would be spared, how much peacefulness would be achieved, and how much of a feeling of togetherness we would all re-awaken with...

Ever wonder that?

Jules :O?


Jules said...

Ummm... too speechless that I can have such complex thoughts?? You really have no comments on this? **sigh**

SIMON said...

Oh yes I do but I'm on my travels and the internet keeps dropping out altogether!!
I love that post, people watching is a pastime of mine too! The bit I can never quite get my head round is that if you do something, anything at a totally different time like drive in the middle of the night to the back of beyond you will always find somebody else doing it too!!
That's why we all live in different time zones!! In the off chance that we were all to stop at exactly the same time!!

Quiet Paths said...

I think this is an excellent suggestion if not for the silence part of it alone. There are maybe two or three places on the planet where you can stand anymore for more than five minutes without hearing crap from an airplane or a chainsaw or whatever. Let's do it.