Monday, February 20, 2012

A Lovely Weekend

We met in the middle, we soaked in the hot springs, we ate, we laughed, we relaxed, we snuggled, we skied and we enjoyed each other's company. It might have been 4 days late, but it was a totally fantastic valentine's long weekend. 

Thank you again, to the wonderful husband and wife team down at Nipika Mountain Resort, just outside of Kootenay National Park. We had the most perfect ski conditions ever, a warm place to go learn something new about waxing, and a very welcoming atmosphere. We've been there twice and each time we totally felt welcome. What a wonderful facility, whether you're going there to just ski/bike/hike or canoe, or to stay in their accommodations as well. Go ahead and check them out next time you're looking for somewhere that will give you a real "Rockies" experience.  They're open year round.

The trails were perfectly groomed at Nipika.

The dense forest is very beautiful and smells great, 
you can see mountains all around you.

I guess I looked tired after skiing for the afternoon, because the lady who owns and operates the Inn we stayed at just looked at me and laughed and told Thor to take good care of me and not to let me drive. LOL

Had to stop on the way home close to Banff and capture this view, 
even though it was extremely windy and cold. 

Jules :O)


Quiet Paths said...

It looks wonderful. I am taking notes for when I can get back on my skis next season. I have relatives near there. I like the photo of you even tho' you might have been tired. It's a good one. It says: contentment...

SIMON said...

Yeah I like your tired pic too! The last pic is tremendous though.
Nice one Jules!
So glad you had such a good weekend.

Siddhartha Joshi said...

Wow...the pictures are amazing...esp the last one!

Jules said...

QP - It's funny you should say I looked content. That's the word Thor used to describe me there too. :)

Si - Yes, that photo of the mountains turned out quite well. Thanks!

Sids - I'm really glad I stopped for that photo. At the turn out, you're "supposed" to take photos of other mountains that your attention is directed at, but these ones looked more brilliant to me.