Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Mind your P's, please

I said to my son:

Name 6 things that start with a P because you've been making the "p" sound for the last 2 minutes and you're 6 years old. Go.

He responded with:
Purple, Passion, Peach, People, Pickles, Planet

Passion? My son knows the word Passion?


Jules :O!


The Grunt said...

That's funny!

SIMON said...

It is a curious word for a 6 year old I must admit!

Jules said...

Kids are the funniest little things, really... they are a great source of amusement, Grunty. Though, I don't encourage those without kids to research this by going and lurking around a playground....

Nice P word! I must have mentioned that word some time... like "is that something you feel passionate about?" and he just ran with it.. lol